That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 32 Review - Gobta and Hakurou Are Healed, But What About Shion?

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 32 follow.

This episode continues right where the previous episode left off. Myulan is now completely on the Tempest side, as I predicted she was going to be. She dishes information about Lord Clayman controlling her, and Rimuru gets a clearer picture that Clayman is one of his true threats. We also witness Rimuru learning about Milim’s attack on Carrion, and I guess he’s too preoccupied to even react to that bit of news. Rimuru then has Myulan put in a prison so that he can think of what to do with her next, which is what I said I would have done to her right away in the last review.

Next on Rimuru’s docket for damage control is visiting the wounded. Some Space element skill is blocking the effect of healing potions on Hakurou and Gobta. Good thing Rimuru has Gluttony to remove that skill, allowing Shuna’s potions to work! The two look gravely ill at first, but after they’re healed, Gobta and Hakurou look good as new! But what about Shion?

We finally discover Shion and Gobzo lying among the many dead. Both of them died nobly. I couldn’t believe it. Gobzo dying is a sad loss, sure, but Shion is a beloved waifu in this series! It shocked me that they would kill her off like that. We didn’t even get a goodbye from her in her final moments. Anger and then sadness almost overwhelm Rimuru, who asks Great Sage if there was something he could have done to have prevented this from happening.

It seemed too bad to be true. And it really was! Just as Rimuru is about to absorb all of the dead into his body to rest peacefully, our three old adventurer friends, Kaval, Eren, and Gido appear. Eren tells Rimuru about a secret legend from her people where a Demon Lord is able to resurrect a pet dragon. We see rough images of this Demon Lord, and it’s definitely Milim.

My gripe is that during this episode Rimuru doesn’t figure out and doesn’t question that the girl in the story is Milim! Again, he’s been extremely clever during this series, so how could he not deduce that immediately? He will definitely learn that it’s Milim soon in the next ep or soon after, and when he’s surprised, I’m going to yell duh out loud.

With the barriers holding the souls of the monster people in town, there’s a small chance everyone can be resurrected like in the legend! So we will certainly get Shion and Gobzo back. Another requirement to the resurrection will be 10,000 human souls. Rimuru will use the Falmuth troops for this. I’m okay with that, but that’s honestly pretty coldhearted of Rimuru.

At the end of the ep, Rimuru saves Myulan by giving her an artificial heart and removing the trap one from Clayman. And Youm agrees to be the replacement king of Falmuth. Buh-bye to the old bastard king!

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