That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 34 Review - Rimuru, Benimaru, Hakurou and Others Get Revenge

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 34 follow.

This episode picks up right where the previous episode left off. And I absolutely loved it. Why? Because of revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge. We’ve all been waiting to see this for about 3 to 4 episodes, ever since Tempest was attacked.

The different human camps protecting the four magic devices that erect the barrier have no idea they’re all about to be obliterated by the Tempest monsters. First we see Benimaru single handedly kill every soldier at one device. It takes less than a minute to slice them all up with his technique. He destroys the device with ease. Then we witness Gabiru and his Dragonewts burn their targets to a crisp. Yum, barbecue! After that, we see Souei and his ninjas efficiently kill all the soldiers at their magic device with invisible threads, chopping them to pieces.

That just leaves the magic device targeted by Gobta, Hakurou, Rigur and Geld. It’s protected by the piece of crap Otherworlders Kyoya, Shogo, and Kirara. Kyoya and Shogo are still disgusting jerks that you can’t wait to see swatted down. They have a brief conversation talking about how much they love hurting people in battle. Kyoya commits the stupid trope of licking his lips once. I hate that trope. 

Our four monsters arrive at the scene, and the Otherworlders of course mistakenly think that they’re easy prey. This is the meat and potatoes of the episode. 

Gobta and Rigur riding direwolves take out the small fry soldiers no problem. Kyoya faces Hakurou one on one. The cocky Kyoya tries to use some sneaky magic tricks on Hakurou, but such pitiful tactics don’t even faze our monster. Kyoya uses Thought Acceleration and All-Seeing Eye to try to be fast and defensive, but Hakurou is faster than even that. His Crestwater Slash is ridiculously fast. Kyoya can’t move fast enough to dodge, and basically sees his oncoming demise in slow motion. The attack slowly cuts through his neck, separating his head from his body. And because of Thought Acceleration, he’s still alive to experience it! This was my favorite moment of all anime this season! So satisfying!

Hakurou tosses the head to Shogo, who’s been beaten up by Geld’s Rot. Shogo kills Kirara to absorb her soul and power and heal faster. Bad idea. Geld pummels Shogo dozens of times and uses Rot on him again. Nice. Just as Geld is about to finish the coward off, the majin Razen comes and rescues him. They teleport escape from the fight.

But don’t smile yet, Shogo. Because Razen betrays you! He kills Shogo in an instant and steals his soul and power. Then he possesses Shogo’s corpse. I wish Geld had killed Shogo instead, but hey, at least the jerk got what was coming to him.

Meanwhile, Rimuru begins to use Megiddo to take the souls of soldiers. He kills over 5,000 as the episode ends...

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