That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 35 Review - Rimuru Becomes a Demon Lord and Summons Diablo/Noir

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 35 follow.

This episode picks up where the previous episode left off. It’s the continuation of sweet, sweet revenge. Rimuru’s genocidal technique, Megiddo continues to snipe Falmuth forces, killing thousands of his enemies instantly. This is Overlord level stuff right here. And I’m relishing every moment. Rimuru doesn’t show a hint of remorse as he slaughters these guys. He’s cold and efficient.

Meanwhile the pathetic King Edmaris and the Archbishop Reyhiem, the masterminds behind the attack on Tempest that took our beloved Shion and others, cower at witnessing Megiddo. Serves them f*cking right. 

Their Knight Leader Folgen, loyal to the end, makes some heroic speech that he’ll save his king and runs off to get help. As soon as he leaves the the tent he gets sniped in less than a second by Megiddo, in the funniest moment I’ve seen in anime all season. His body just drops dead as if he tripped. I had to watch it again, it was so satisfying. The king is like, OMG did you see that?! We’re so f*cked!

Rimuru comes flying down and reveals himself to these idiots. The majin Razen, in the body of Shogo, boasted about being super powerful in the last ep. He’s brave and stupid enough to come forward to Rimuru. He also gets sniped. Bye-bye for now, Razen.

Then the sniveling bastards Edmaris and Rehyiem plead for their lives and lie and try to negotiate with Rimuru-sama. He ain’t having it. Rimuru blasts off Edmaris’ arm for the rude way he talks. As Principal Skinner says in that one meme, pathetic.

Rimuru acquires unique skill Merciless, which allows him to rip the souls out of the rest of the army immediately and take them. He finally has enough to become a Demon Lord. But the transformation, called Harvest Festival, begins and makes Rimuru pass out. 

Before he does, he summons Ranga to both take him home safely and take Edmaris and Rehyiem as prisoners. He also summons three demons out of nowhere to finish off the sole survivor of the army, Razen. That jerk survived with his healing technique.

One of the demons is Diablo/Noir, who we first saw in the special episode of TenSura last season. I thought he would be at odds with Rimuru when they first meet because he seems like a good villain, but instead Noir is immediately a faithful servant of Rimuru for being summoned and given thousands of Falmuth soldier corpses to feast on.

Razen’s magic and skills are nothing against Diablo. Diablo takes him captive and teleports over to Tempest.

Rimuru successfully becomes a Demon Lord (after sacrificing Merciless and Degenerate skills). Great Sage seems to be controlling his body at first. He doesn’t have quite enough magicules to resurrect everyone, so two of his summoned demons happily sacrifice themselves to gain what’s needed. Sucks, because they looked interesting. 

Finally, we see Shion’s fingers twitch back to life. Yay!

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