That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 36 Review - Milim vs. Carrion, Veldora Is Released

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 36 follow. 

This episode picks up where the previous episode left off. It’s episode 12 of season 2, the final episode of Season 2’s first cour. You’d think all the big moments were over after Rimuru’s forces annihilated Falmuth, but things are just heating up!

It starts with Rimuru waking up after his transformation. He awakens to a familiar sight. Two giant oppai above his head. We all know what that means. Shion was successfully resurrected! So were all of the townspeople that died, including Gobzo! Hooray!

Things are immediately more lighthearted like the way they used to be. Benimaru sets up a prank on Rimuru-sama to say that Shion’s cooking is shitty right in front of Shion. But he turns the prank around on Benimaru, and now Benimaru is the one who has to eat a ton of Shion’s cooking! Rimuru didn’t dodge this bullet alone. He got help from Ultimate Skill Raphael, the upgraded version of Unique Skill Great Sage. Rimuru thinks Raphael sounds more fluent now but Raphael denies this over and over.

Raphael explains that Rimuru’s people are somewhat different because they also evolved when Rimuru became a Demon Lord, as they are all connected to Rimuru. Nice bonus. By the way, Rimuru himself is 10 times more powerful than he used to be!

No time to rest, though. Lord Carrion’s lieutenants have come to Tempest to request refuge for their evacuated citizens. They also inform Rimuru of the battle between Carrion and Milim. Carrion is quite powerful and goes into beast mode, quite literally. He practically looks Super Saiyan. But he’s still nowhere near as strong as Milim. She reveals a new form with a horn on her head. 

By the way, Milim is acting a bit strange now that we finally see her. She’s not silly like she was last season. Carrion straight up asks her if she’s being controlled, but she doesn’t reply. So we still don’t know why she’s acting this way.

Then a Demon Lord named Sky Queen Frey shows up and holds a knife to Carrion’s neck, immobilizing him. We haven’t seen Frey in a long time, but it seems she may be working for Clayman. We don’t know the current status of Carrion, but we assume he’s still alive.

Later, Noir appears in front of Rimuru. Rimuru doesn’t even remember him, which hurts Noir’s heart deeply. Noir begs to be kept on as a loyal servant, and Rimuru allows it. Rimuru officially gives him the name Diablo. That evolves Noir and gives him a shiny new butler suit.

Rimuru shares with Diablo that their nation has a number of problems to deal with, but Raphael says they have a new solution that’s almost ready - the release of Veldora!

Rimuru changes to humanoid form, which looks taller and more mature now. He makes a body double for Velodra to inhabit. And his figure takes the form of a beefy, loudmouth blonde dude!

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