That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 46 Review - Rimuru and Clayman Finally Fight!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead

Following TenSura Episode 45, the Walpurgis arc continues. The banquet begins with that ass Clayman giving a long speech filled with lies accusing Rimuru of wrongdoing. He claims Carrion and Rimuru worked together, violating the rules/pacts of Demon Lords. This is just as Rimuru expected. Or at least, he’s not surprised by it. Clayman’s horrible acting made me want to throw up. None of the Demon Lords seemed moved by his words.

After Clayman finishes telling his filthy lies, Rimuru is given a chance to respond. He tells the truth. And even has “video” evidence to back him up. He shows Clayman forcing Yamza to become a Charybdis, which I guess is against Demon Lord rules or something.

Clayman practically loses it when Rimuru says these things, accusing Rimuru of faking the footage. Clayman also claims Rimuru was motivated to have the power of Demon Lord, but Rimuru refutes that, saying he doesn’t even care about the title.

During their conversation, Clayman tries to control Rimuru’s mind but fails. Guy Crimson points out that’s not allowed. Again, it seems none of the Demon Lords have Clayman’s back.

Rimuru offers to settle things with Clayman right then and there. Guy says that the Demons Lords will accept him as a fellow Demon Lord if he can defeat Clayman.

Rimuru thinks beating Clayman wouldn’t be that hard. But Milim, who is under Clayman’s control is another story. I’ve heard she’s the most powerful character in TenSura, at least at this point in the series.

The escorts start backing up their masters. Shion comes out of nowhere and messes up Clayman with a barrage of punches. It’s one of the most satisfying moments in the series! Unfortunately, Clayman is able to heal himself right away.

So Rimuru has Ranga, a couple of Ranga’s servant Direwolves, and Shion to fight with him. While Clayman brings out some puppet, Nine Head - a beast about the size of Ranga, a couple other magical beasts, and Milim. It’s a tough situation for Rimuru’s group. Before he can call on more aid from Ramiris’ group, Guy expands the size of the room with magic and creates a barrier surrounding the fight. So that others in the room can not join in. I’m glad the room expanded, I felt like the room was originally too tight for an epic battle.

While the fighting is happening, Beretta requests for Guy to let her join the fight because Rimuru is her original master. Then the two have some pointless conversation that drags on so that the animators don’t have to animate as much of the action sequence. Typical for this season. Guy eventually lets her into the fight and Rimuru commands her to help Shion.

Rimuru tries to have Raphael appraise the magic controlling Milim, but it’s not possible. Milim almost hits Rimuru with a punch that would kill him. But Veldora teleports in out of nowhere and takes the hit on the head! He’s fine, though.

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