That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 47 Review - Rimuru's Side Easily Beats Clayman's

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following TenSura Episode 46, Rimuru’s forces continue to battle Clayman’s. But right from the beginning, it’s no longer a suspenseful match-up.

It’s revealed the reason that Veldora teleported to Rimuru is simply because he had gotten to the end of an enjoyable manga and wanted to next volume from Rimuru! Rimuru is a bit surprised by this, of course. He promises to give it afterwards, and asks Veldora to first hold off Milim. Veldora says something about her being the daughter of his brother. Weird news, but that revelation will have to wait for another episode.

Now Rimuru is free to help Ranga and his direwolves. Turns out the golden fox creature is suffering under Clayman’s contro and begs for help from Rimuru. Rimuru is able to free the fox with the assistance of Raphael.

Then Rimuru turns his attention to Beretta, who has already defeated Clayman’s “finest masterpiece,” the marionette named Viola. Beretta says she hopes Rimuru will let Ramiris live in Tempest, so that she can serve both Ramiris and Rimuru in a way. A discussion for another time, obviously.

Meanwhile, Veldora seems to be having fun fighting Milim. Throwing out new moves he’s learned from Rimuru’s former life. It’s hilarious to see him do Hadouken and a bunch of other moves from Ryu from Streetfighter. And later he even does a Kamehameha from Dragon Ball!

That just leaves Clayman who is having his ass handed to him by Shion. His marionettes are chopped up to death easily, and can not revive because she has a soul eater sword. He then tries Demon Marionette bindings on Shion, which he claims can hold a Demon Lord. But she breaks those instantly as well. I love how Shion calls him pathetic over and over again.

Finally, Clayman pulls out his last trump card. He transforms to his Crazy Pierrot Clayman form, which includes lots of insect-like arms and a tail. But Shion easily beats the shit out of this form, too!

Clayman then orders Milim to save him. But that when it’s revealed that Milim the necklace has never put her under his control. She was faking that she was controlled the whole time, investigating Clayman. That’s really impressive patience and acting that I didn’t expect from Milim’s character.

Carrion reveals himself as being one of Frey’s escorts in disguise. And Frey reveals that she was always working with Milim against Clayman.

Dumbass Clayman practically cries like he’s lost his mind, after learning all this. Serves him right. Shion cuts off his arms and leaves him a in a satisfying bloody mess on the ground.

Clayman has a flashback of gaining power from Yuuki Kagurazaka, the mastermind. Not wanting to die, he says one last prayer to awaken, fueled by the souls he’s taken. 

It’s a powerful move, but it’s what Rimuru and Raphael planned, as a way to free the souls. We’ll have to see that next week!

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