That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 48 Review - Rimuru Gives the Demon Lord Group a New Name

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following TenSura Episode 47, we get to see Clayman’s demise. This is it folks, the end of the two-part long second season!

Clayman is powering up and laughing maniacally, boasting he’ll destroy all the Demon Lords and everyone in the room. Everyone just smiles because they know he’s full of shit. Rimuru stares him down unafraid and tells Clayman that his arrogant ass is already beaten.

Awakened Clayman fires off a powerful purple sphere, but Rimuru eats it up easily with Beezlebub. Clayman uses his ultimate technique, Demon Blaster. Again, Rimuru eats it with Beezlebub. Rimuru tells Clayman to give up the names of who he’s working for, but Clayman refuses to the very end. Rimuru demolishes him with a storm of punches. Then sucks Clayman up body and soul so that he can’t resurrect. His Deathman power is useless here.

At the very end, Clayman whines and begs to be saved by Lord Kazalim before he gets absorbed by Beezlebub.

The Demon Lords muse over Clayman’s death. Veldora and Milim accidentally reveal that Roy is pretending to be Demon Lord Luminous Valentine - the real Valentine and Roy’s master is posing as his maid escort. I don’t know why she committed that deception. To protect herself just in case?

Anyway, the Demon Lords note that Kazalim was defeated by Leon in the past. They deduce Kazalim and maybe someone else were the ones that Clayman worked for.

After this, I was amused that everyone took their seats again and Walpurgis continued calmly, like that battle didn’t happen. The next item on the agenda? Both Frey and Carrion say they’ve realized their power is not great enough to be considered Demon Lords. They decide to step down from that title and be subordinates of Milim. Milim’s not used to having subordinates, so she’s against it at first. But they have good reasons to follow her, so she finally accepts.

Last item of the meeting? Now that there are 8 Demon Lords instead of 10, they need a new name for the group. Everyone agrees Rimuru should come up with it. This is a chance for some fan service - Guy Crimson flirts with Rimuru to request he completes this task, making Rimuru uncomfortable. Rimuru comes up with the name “Octagram: the 8-star Demon Lords.” And everyone accepts.

Elsewhere, with Valentine away at Walpurgis, Laplace uses the chance to investigate the Cloistered Emperor. But he unexpectedly runs into Hinata Sakaguchi protecting the place. Hinata’s so powerful, he runs away.

Laplace runs right into Roy. Roy still pretends to be a Demon Lord and arrogantly announces to Laplace that Clayman just died. Laplace actually cared about Clayman and is pretty pissed about this news and Roy’s insulting attitude. He goes crazy and demolishes Roy with his technique. RIP, Roy.

In the end, Rimuru and his group return to Tempest where they’re welcomed home by the entire nation! A happy ending!

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