The broadcast date & key visual for the fall anime “Lupin the Third Part 6” have been released! Comments from guest screenwriters Oshii Mamoru and Minato Kanae arrived

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It has been announced that the TV series "Lupin the Third Part 6", which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the "Lupin the Third" anime, will be broadcast from October 10, 2021. At the same time, the key visual and comments from guest screenwriters, Oshii Mamoru and Minato Kanae, were also released.

The script of "Lupin the Third Part 6", which is dedicated to the theme of "mystery", is written by Ookura Takahiro, a detective novelist whose works were adapted to movies, who often write scripts for anime and tokusatsu. Furthermore, the script of the omnibus episode involved Tsuji Masaki, Ashibe Taku, Higuchi Akio, Minato Kanae, Oshii Mamoru, and others, as special guests from novels and anime fields, making it a great work to celebrate the anniversary.

Marufuji Hiroki, a character designer, was in charge of the key visual released this time. Lupin and other main characters are designed in a mysterious manner standing in the wilderness.

"Lupin the Third Part 6" will be broadcast nationwide on NTV from 12:55 A.M. on October 10.

Ookura Takahiro [Series Composition]

/ Novel "Greetings from Assistant Police Officer Fukuya" Screenplay "Detective Conan : The Fist of Blue Sapphire" etc.

Providing mystery through Lupin the Third. After receiving the request, I immediately came up with the name of Sherlock Holmes. He is probably the only person who can fight head-on with the Lupin family, which has been at the mercy of police organizations around the world for fifty years. Also, this time, people who are very active in various fields were working on the script. Please look forward to what kind of story will come out!

Tsuji Masaki 

/ Novel "Isn't it a murder? 1945 detective novel" Screenplay "Detective Conan" etc.

When I was working on the "Lupin the Third" novel half a century ago, Monkey-san drew illustrations.

This time I wrote a scenario for "Lupin the Third".

There is no Monkey-san who wished to watch the most.

The flow of 50 years is fierce, but I'm sure you'll see it over there.

Because it's "Lupin" I wrote, it's absolutely fun!

So please Monkey-san, fans, and others watch it!

Oshii Mamoru

/ Movies "GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell" "Innocence" etc.

I never dreamed that I would be involved in the Lupine series again.

Okura-san, who is a member of the series, said, "Please write as you like", so I asked him to write as he likes.

I can't take responsibility, but I'm sure everyone, including Okura-san, has been fighting.

I would like to thank the creators for adopting this script.

Ashibe Taku

/ Novels such as "Steam Opera Steam City Detective Tan" and "Stores Selling Kitan"

When I first met the anime "Taku" at the age of 13, it seemed to be the essence of the light, stylish and exciting swashbuckler of was popular at that time. And for half a century, Taku has been engrossing me as the one and only thing in this genre. Being involved in writing those series, which has all sorts of interesting things, it's another world of "detective novels" that I love!

Ah, the profound monster and the famous detective are thus here...

Higuchi Akio 

/ Novels "Dog in the Sky" and "The Sanctuary That Never Returns"

I have a deep connection with "Lupin the Third" for a long time.

It started from the debut work  (1967 Futaba Bunko). Since then, I have been writing a number of Lupine stories, including gamebooks and novels.

And then, to me with such background, comes an offer to write a scenario for the TV series PART6. Of course, I put all my energy into writing. I bring you the coolest and hard-boiled story!

Minato Kanae 

/ Novels "Confession", "Future", etc.

When I was in elementary school, the first anime I'd been watching every day after returning from school was the rerun of "Lupin the Third." Lupine generation of red jackets. He's neither handsome nor a hero, but he's cool. A wonderful thief companion, a beautiful woman who is always betraying but you can't hate her, a police inspector who looks like a partner. I was watching it with excitement. I couldn't believe I joined to the great members to work on the script! I am full of feelings that I want to brag about myself at that time.

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