The first animation in Kamen Rider History “Fuuto PI” has released 2 image boards! The director is Kabashima Yosuke from “Uma Musume”

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“Fuuto PI”, a manga which depicts the after story of “Kamen Rider W”, additionally released an image board. Moreover, the staff information was released, and a comment from the director Kabashima Yosuke has arrived. Furthermore, the interview movie of Sanjo Riku, the scriptwriter, and the producer Tsukada Hideaki was released.

The original work of the anime “Fuuto PI” is a manga with the same name, which depicted the 11th Heisei Kamen Rider Series called “Kamen Rider W” (broadcast in 2009). The drama  starred both  Kiriyama Ren (Hidari Shoutarou) and Sugada Masaki (Phillip), and was popular for the hardboiled detective buddy drama.

An image board that raises the expectation toward the view of the world and quality was additionally released.

The image board describes the protagonist Shotaro together with “Kamen Rider W”’s favorite machine called Hardboilder. Additionally, it further depicts Shotaro’s indispensable partner Phillip, a mysterious beautiful lady Tokime and other important characters having fun time inside the detective office.

Staff information was also announced. The director for this anime is Kabashima Yosuke, who was the general director and character designer for “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”. The sub director is Tanemura Ayataka, who was the assistant and the main director for “Black Clover”, the character designer and general art director will be Ebina Hidekazu from “Fate/Apocrypha”, and another general art director will be Komatsubara Sei. The music will be composed by Nakagawa Kotaro and Naruse Shuhei, who were formerly part of several Kamen Rider works in the past.

The interview movie of Sanjou Riku, who was the scriptwriter for “Kamen Rider W” and the producer Tsukada Hideaki has been revealed. Check this movie out also because it contains unrevealed production episodes and the passion of the creators toward the drama.

Anime “Fuuto PI” will be streamed from summer 2022.

<Full comments are listed below>

Director: Kabajima Yosuke

If “Fuuto PI” ever becomes a TV anime, I wanted to direct it no matter what. I had that feeling since “Kamen Rider W” was adapted into a manga as “Fuuto PI”, and I strongly hoped it would come true. “Kamen Rider Series”, including “Kamen Rider W”, helped me every time I was in trouble throughout my life. That is why I wanted to give something back to them. Luckly, I got the opportunity to do so. Together with my own love and thoughts, I will do my best producing it. I will recreate the atmosphere of “W”, so please do look forward to it!

■ Anime “Fuuto PI”

Scheduled on Summer 2022

● Staff

Director: Kabajima Yosuke

Sub Director: Tanemura Ayataka

Series Structure: Higuchi Tatsuhito

Script Director: Sanjo Riku

Character Design/General Art Director: Ebina Hidekazu

General Art Director: Komatsubara Sei

Kamen Rider Dopant Animator: Kabajima Yosuke and Yamane Rihiro

Main Animator: Shikiji Yukiyoshi, Tominaga Kazuhito, and Yokoya Kenta

Mechanic/Prop Design: Okawa Hiroyuki

Art Setting: Aoki Chiyuki and Morioka Kenichi

Art Director: Watanabe Yukihiro

Color Setting: Yokoyama Sayoko

Shooting Director: Shimura Go and Takesawa Yuichi

2D Graphic: Kageyama Jiro

3DCG Production: IPS Animation Studio

3DCG Action: unknownCASE

CG Director: Kashima Hiroyuki

CG Animation Director: Zakiyama Atsutsugu

3D Modeling: Jet Stduio, Ishi Ken

Editor: Takahashi Ayumu

Music Director: Akedagawa Jin

Music Production: Magic Capsule

Music: Nakagawa Kotaro, Naruse Shuhei

Music Producer: Ida Mayu (avex entertainment)

General Producer: Tsukada Hideaki

Animation Producer: Masuo Masashi

Animation Production: Studio KAI

Production: “Fuuto PI” Production Committee

© 2022 “Futo PI” Production Committee

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