The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 10 Review - Zenovia Doesn't Propose to Wein

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 9, Falanya has successfully evacuated all 30,000 citizens out of Mealtars. At least this episode isn’t filled with quite the same level of nonsensical BS.

Wein meets with King Gruyere and Caldmellia. They bluff that that can take in all 30,000 refugees. But Wein says he doesn’t want Mealtars to be so indebted. He wants to purchase the Levetian army’s spare weapon and supplies so that Mealtars can fight back Manfred’s and Bardloche’s forces on their own.

Creepy Caldmellia loves playing these mind games with Wein, and so plans to refuse Wein’s proposal. But Gruyere accepts them, and says the decision is up to him as it’s his army, not hers.

So the Mealtars people get equipped and outfitted in arms, and begin marching towards the enemy. As predicted, Barloche and Manfred don’t want to fight the Mealtars people as their citizens bring profit to the kingdom.

Wein has Lowa set up a meeting with Barloche and Manfred. At the meeting, he uses his old trick - pinning the supposed assassination attempt of Demetrio… on Demetrio! Even if it was actually Manfred who was really behind the assassination attempt.

If either Manfred or Bardloche don’t agree to this, Demetrio’s claim to the throne will actually benefit. And neither brother wants that. So they reluctantly agree. 

In the end, Mealtars is now part of Lowa’s faction and not any of the brothers.

Then a new arc starts - Wein explains to Ninym how he’s able to import goods from the eastern Earthwold Empire into Natra. Then have Marden sell the goods to western countries with the lie that they’re made in Natra. This is because some western Levetian countries are against buying eastern goods.

King Gruyere then requests Wein visit his kingdom of Soljest. Wein agrees to it and stops by to see Zenovia in Marden on the way. Zenovia’s vassal suggests they use the visit to renegotiate terms with Natra, including proposing marriage between Zenovia and Wein!

Zenovia and Wein meet, and she reports that the conservative Levetian kingdom of Delunio is against purchasing goods from Marden. Delunio’s Prime Minister Sirgis is the antagonist here. Wein advises her to ignore Sirgis until the bastard takes more serious action.

To Wein’s surprise, Zenovia never asked him to marry her. She lies and says it’s because he’s physically not her type. But the truth is, she thinks he’s too brilliant and great of a man to keep up with. Similar to the way Lowa feels.

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