The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 9 - Wein Saves Falanya from Demetrio

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 8, Wein has just surprised everyone by crashing Demetrio’s attempt to bully Falanya into marriage.

Ninym sneakily passes a note to Wein to inform him of the situation. He’s shocked, but holds his cool.

Wein lies at first and says he thinks it’s a great idea. To throw Demetrio off.

Then he secretly teams up with Lowa and they put forth their own lie - that Wein and Lowa are going to marry each other, too. So this is perfect. Two marriages into the same royal families.

Demetrio obviously doesn’t like this. He doesn’t want Lowa to join up with Wein. He sees the two of them as a threat. And doesn’t want Natra’s influence to be more powerful. Idiot should have known that was a possibility when Lowa proposed to Wein not long ago.

Demetrio tries to object, but Lowa basically says he has no say. Just as she has no say in his marriage to Falanya. Basically, you can’t be a hypocrite, bro.

Then Ninym jumps in with a lie and says Natra tradition forbids royals marry into the same family.

So Wein proposes they table the talk for tomorrow. And Demetrio agrees.

With Demetrio gone, Wein praises Falanya for doing well on her own. But Wein soon almost collapses from exhaustion.

Later, Lowa meets with Wein secretly to compare notes, I guess. And then Lowa says something stupid like “I will have have you mixed up in my affairs. I promise.” Like, just say you want him to be yours.

Elsewhere, Manfred learns Wein is in the city. And he plots to have him killed. Because… he’s too smart to let live?

The next day, Wein meets with Demetrio while Falanya participates in the citizens’ assembly.

Somehow, Wein suspects his tea has been poisoned. Demetrio laughs at him and tries it himself. Then Demetrio is poisoned. Lol serves him right. He almost dies, but Wein helps him live through it.

Bardloche and Manfred claim the poisoning was a plot by Mealtars, so they gather their men and wait outside to attack the city. And Wein is held as a suspect.

And the last problem? Caldmellia and a Levetian Army have also appeared outside the city. They plan to invade Mealtars.

Then Wein faints because he’s been working too hard.

While he’s stuck in bed, Falanya speaks to the members of the Citizen’s assembly. Unrealistically, they all listen to this little girl who came out of nowhere.

Wein gets better, and has Falanya speak to the people of the city. To pretend they’re marching together bravely out of the city, when really she’s getting all 30,000 of them to evacuate orderly. Again, unrealistic. Such BS.

Caldmellia is surprised by this. Her forces can’t take in 30,000 new people, even if they did want new believers. Wein comes out of nowhere and offers his advice.

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