The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 8 Review - Demetrio Proproses to Falanya

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 7, the Summit of Imperial Heirs begins. Putting the focus back on Lowa. Sorta. I didn’t expect we’d see her again so soon.

Lowa meets with Cosimo, mayor of Mealtars, an independent city where the summit is taking place.

Natra’s delegation arrives, and Lowa goes to welcome them expecting Wein. She’s still trying to tangle him up in her problems. But joke’s on her - instead of Wein, Falanya came!

So why Falanya? In a flashback, we see her attending a meeting with Wein. He’s busy with the aftermath of the war, so Falanya volunteers to take his place at the summit.

So the guests of the summit hold a welcome party. Falanya attends with Ninym escorting her. Lowa introduces Falanya to her three brothers, and none of them seem like good guys.

There’s Manfred, Bardloche, and Demetrio. Demetrio is the oldest, the least talented, and has the worst personality.

Falanya is put in a difficult situation, seemingly having to choose which of the three she has to give her attention to. Falanya is able to excuse herself by saying she already promised time to Lowa. So she’s able to maneuver away from the three of them.

While Falanya takes a break with Nanaki escorting her, Ninym sneaks away to speak to Lowa privately and relay Wein's words.

Lowa tries to negotiate with Ninym to have her encourage Falanya to give support to Lowa’s succession, acting as Natra’s representative. Speaking on behalf of Wein, Ninym declines. 

The next day, the four siblings meet to begin their talks.

Meanwhile, Falanya gets a tour of the city by Cosimo. She sees the Citizens’ Assembly in action, and she’s captivated by the free exchange of debate.

Later, Demetrio talks to himself like an idiot and he’s really ticked off. For some reason, he really hates Wein and the fact his little sister attended the summit. So he comes up with a plot to get back at him.

Creepy jerk Demetrio calls Falanya to tea. So that he can propose marriage to her. His excuse is he wants their nations to be closer.

Falanya says she has to return to Natra to discuss this. He tries to bully an answer out of her now. Falanya stands up against him and he threatens to harm Natra when he becomes emperor.

That’s when Wein surprises everyone by stepping through the door. Heroic entrance!

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