The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 7 Review - Wein Defeats Ordalasse, Holonyeh and Levert

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 6, this ep starts with Falanya having tea with her tutor. They discuss the King of Cavarin, King Ordalasse. He’s criticized for his focus on the right of blood lines, but he is the highest authority of the Holy Elites.

In Cavarin, Ninym reports what she’s learned from her spying to Wein. General Levert and Holonyeh are conspiring together to kill Wein. And Wein suspects Ordalasse actually invaded Marden because he wanted the gold mine, but Wein beat him to it. Ordalasse wanted that mine to head off criticism.

Since Ordalasse’s plan failed, his new plan is to make Wein a Holy Elite, putting Wein in his pocket to get at that gold. But Wein’s too smart for this bastard.

Then Zeno comes into the meeting, requesting to be at Wein’s side when he meets with Ordalasse. As to why? Some nonsense about her wanting the Free Mardenian forces to ally with Natra, and expecting to find her answer by attending that meeting. Basically, “I have a feeling this will move the plot forward.” So Souma allows her to join.

The next day, Souma meets with Ordalasse. Holonyeh is at his side. The gist of the meeting is that Wein feels Ordalasse is an idiot really believing his bloodline is godlike, so he makes all his decisions based on that. But Ordalasse’s biggest mistake was talking about how he loved hunting Flahm slaves. And even mentioning Ninym as one he would love to hunt. We already know Souma gets triggered by this kind of thing.

So Souma kicks Ordalasse right in the face, and then stabs the surprised king to death. Then Souma lets Zeno kill off the terrified Holonyeh. They were both trash human beings so I feel no sympathy for them.

Right after, Souma’s men set fire to the king’s mansion to throw off any Cavarin forces with chaos and confusion. And to burn evidence.

By now, Souma has decided to join with the Free Mardenian forces. And Souma’s men found evidence that Holonyeh had plans to depose Ordalasse. They released that evidence, so it looks like Holonyeh is the one who committed murder. And that Levert was his accomplice. Which starts a riot. Also, fires have been started in multiple areas of the city by someone. 

Turns out it was actually Caldmellia’s forces who secretly started those fires, aiding Wein’s escape. She was the one received proof of Levert’s and Holonyeh’s treachery. She’s a schemer. And as more thanks for Wein’s evidence, she warns Wein that Natran nobles are coming together to rebel against him. 

Levert and his men ride on horse to catch Wein. After some trickery, they fall right into Wein’s trap, convenient for Wein. They unexpectedly clash with those rebellious nobles because the Free Mardenians sandwich Levert’s forces against them. The nobles were part of Ibis’ plot, by the way. So she’s pissed her plan to take down Wein didn’t work. 

And that’s not all. Hagal appears with Natran forces to crush the rebels and Levert. His retirement was a feint planned by Wein to smoke out the rebellion.

Lastly, Zeno reveals herself as Princess Zenovia, the daughter of the assassinated king. I guess she was masquerading as a guy? In a very obvious disguise that only fools people in anime fiction. She thanks Wein. And announces that she wants Marden to be Natra’s vassal state. That’s not something that makes Wein happy.  

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