The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 6 Review - Wein Meets the Holy Elites

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 5, we start a new arc. Wein and Ninym head to the western country Cavarin because they were invited. Ninym changes her hair color to black to hide that she’s A Flahm. 

It’s a dangerous ride considering remnant Marden forces could come after them, or a trap could be set by Cavarin even.

We again get some convenient backstory and lore from Falanya’s conversations with her tutor, Claudius. We learn in Cavarin there is a religion followed called Levetia. Legend has it Levetia, the founder of the religion, defeated a powerful demon. So Wein and Ninym are on their way to a Levetian festival.

Before they get there, they stop by the Jilaat Gold Mine, the one they overtook from Marden. They hear a report that things are going good there, with a new gold vein discovered. Then the subject of General Hagal retiring comes up. Hagal was someone Natra could rely on to hold things down, so it’s a major loss for them.

Elsewhere, a shadowy cabal dressed in cloaks talks about dethroning Prince Wein and taking Natra. There’s a sinister purple haired girl named Ibis who gives intel there.

Back to Wein and Ninym - their caravan has been ambushed by shadowy people in cloaks. But it could be a different group. Anyways, Wein’s escorts deal with most of the attackers, buying Ninym and Wein a chance to escape. Their wheel breaks, but they make it just in time to some Marden forces who save Wein and scare off the shadowy attackers.

The Mardenians take them to their leader, Zeno, who speaks on behalf of Prince Helmut. She almost kills Wein but he talks his way out of it and forms a temporary alliance. He promises to help Marden resist Cavarin, who would soon destroy the Marden army, since he was attacked by Cavarin. In Cavarin, a group of Holy Elites will meet, and Wein hopes to get their help against Cavarin, I guess.

The group gets to Cavarin. Zeno acts as a diplomatic escort to Wein. A Cavarin general named Levert and his underling passes by Wein, and Wein suspects they were the hooded men that ambushed him. Because he has an arrow wound that looks the same.

Then Wein meets face-to-face with King Ordalasse of Cavarin. And Ordalasse hits him with a surprise. He nominates Wein to join the Holy Elites. The Holy Elites are also surprised by this.

Elsewhere, Zeno almost assassinates Holonyeh, the creepy man we saw earlier in the series who used to serve Marden. Zeno blames him for her father’s death, her father probably was the king of Marden. But Ninym stops her assassination attempt for now.

That night, Wein speaks with Ninym, saying that he sees value in joining the Holy Elites. He would make connections to the West. So he’ll start meeting with the Holy Elite members one-by-one the next day.

He first meets Caldmellia. She’s a cruel-sounding woman, who won’t accept Wein as a Holy Elite unless his forces kill off the entire Marden army, saying the Mardenians have sinned by killing Levetian believers.

Wein and Zeno leave, feeling sideswiped. Then it’s revealed that one-armed Owl works for Caldmellia.

Elsewhere, Ibis and the hooded men have captured the gold mine leader. And Ninym catches Holonyeh and Levert plotting against Wein.

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