The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 5 Review - Wein Outsmarts Angatal

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 4, Wein surprises Marquess Angatal by visiting his estate. The balls on Wein! Wein is escorted by a mere five men. Considering Angatal might want to go to war with Wein for his son’s death, this is extremely unexpected.

Wein privately explains to Angatal that Lowa knows all about Angatal’s rebellion plot. Even so, Wein proposes that they, including the Marquess, put the blame on his dead son Gerard. But if Angatal cooperates in the investigation and gives all evidence regarding the plot, his sentence will be reduced. Angatal reluctantly agrees to this plan.

At least that’s what the Marquess wants Wein to think. As Wein walks the town with his men, they’re surrounded by ten men belonging to the Owl! Meanwhile, the Marquees goes back on his word and orders 100 men to take arms against and capture Wein and Lowa.

While sword-fighting, Wein deduces he will be hit with a trap. And he is! He gets out of the way of the Owl’s strike just in time. The two fight, and Wein is able to guess every strategy the Owl plays. For one thing, the Owl is from the west. And he sent men to kill the Marquess and destroy evidence, so that the west’s involvement would remain hidden. But the messenger squire who delivered the news about Gerard’s death was actually Nanaki in disguise! She easily killed the Owl’s would-be assassins.

Then the Owl and Wein have an impossible conversation as Wein throws a dagger at the Owl. He’s able to convince the Owl that the dagger is poisonous but that’s a lie. Owl dodges it, leaving him open to the next attack by Wein, which severs his entire arm off easily. But the guy still lives! Owl then runs away.

Angatal’s forces rush after Wein and his five men. Everyone is on horseback. Angatal thinks he’s the victor. But they make it to a clearing where… both the Natra army and the Imperial Army are waiting! And Angatal can’t even turn around and flee, as Lowa’s forces come up behind him in a pincer move. 

Angatal meets with the Princess with Wein at her side. He tries to talk his way out of it, but they already anticipated that. Angatal says the large Natran forces are proof that Natra plans to invade the empire. Did that idiot really think that lie would work? Like he thought Wein wouldn’t make sure he had a valid reason for his forces to be there? The armies are all there for a joint military exercise. Dumbass. 

Finally, Angatal realizes he has lost. And falls to his pathetic knees. 

Later, Lowa sits with Ninym. Lowa thanks Wein and her for their help. Ninym calls her out on being in love with Wein, so she wonders if she regrets the marriage proposal will not go through. Lowa says it must be that way, unfortunately .

The truth is, she wishes she had a relationship that was more like the one between Wein and Ninym.

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