The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 4 Review - Gerard Messed Things Up for Wein

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 3, Lowa and Wein have tea privately with one another, where they continue their 4-D chess conversations. Souma goes out and says he caught Lowa trying to do something sneaky, with the smuggling of the weapons into Natra. Natra is the transit point, she’s bringing the weapons over to the Empire in case of civil war.

She says of course they want to increase their defenses, but Wein points out that she’s distributing them equally among three factions going against each of her three brothers. Leaving a chance for a rebellion to start against the kingdom. She wants a rebellion to happen as solid proof to her brothers that… rebellion is going to happen. As they haven’t been listening to her.

She’s using herself as bait for the rebel scum to go for her. Because if they get her, they get her claim to the throne. She’s concluded Angatal is the rebel scum who would make a play for her. And she expects Wein and Natra to protect her if that happens, because if the rebellion succeeds, the West’s influence will increase. For some reason. And that would be bad for Ninym, because the West treats Flahms like slaves. So convoluted! 

Wein actually sent a letter to Marquees Antgatal that a royal would be coming to their country. He thinks Angatal would not invade Natra, if the prize was already going right to them. 

But Wein didn’t account for Gerard Angatal, moving on his own. Gerard Angatal just arrived to Wein’s castle, unannounced, to take Lowa’s hand. Gerard’s rudeness seriously pisses off Ninym.

In Antgatal, the Marquees, Grenache, thinks his son Gerard is an idiot. And he talks to some underling, Owl.

Later, Wein, Lowa and Gerard have dinner. Gerard drinks too much and wants a sword fight demonstration with Wein. He thinks he’ll look good. But Wein knows that Gerard sucks and would easily lose. Wein tries to throw the fight in a believable manner, but idiot Gerard rushes at Wein, and accidentally falls off a balcony to his death. Wait what?

News of his son’s death gets back to the Marquees and he thinks Gerard has been assassinated. So now Antgatal will definitely want to war with Natra. And Owls is afraid that war will attract too much attention and expose the planned rebellion against the Empire. 

In the end, Lowa tells Wein she’s giving up on using these current events to rise to the top of the kingdom. She cares more about protecting the Empire/crushing rebellion. She asks for Wein’s help in this. 

Wein agrees but reveals Natra is completely broke and only has 500 soldiers to muster. So instead of war, they must expose the rebellion before it happens. 

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