The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 11 Review - Gruyere Betrays Wein

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 10, Sirgis from Delunio has arrived at Zenovia’s place to bully her. Or something. He suspects the trade goods coming into Delunio from Marden are fraudulent, as in, coming from eastern countries.

Zenovia denies this, so Sirgis threatens to take it up with Wein. And Wein happens to make one of his surprise heroic arrivals at the meeting. He too denies they’re fraudulent.

Sirgis says these fraudulent clothes are a problem against the Levetian religion. But Wein points out that Sirgis isn’t a Holy Elite, so who cares what he says. Sirgis leaves in a huff but says they’ll regret it.

Next up, Wein and Ninym continue on their trip to Phitcha, the capital of Soljest. If Wein can start up trade between Marden and Soljest, it would be another boon for Natra’s economy.

Wein meets with King Gruyere, who travels from place to place by having his servants pick up his throne. 
Fat bastard.

Wein secretly hopes to make an alliance with Gruyere so that their two kingdoms can defeat Delunio.

Gruyere says they can speak during their meal. The meal has an unexpected attendee in Gruyere’s daughter, Tolcheila.

Wein gets distracted by all the amazing Soljest cuisine, and he doesn’t get a chance to broach the subject of an alliance.

Meanwhile, Zenovia gets a letter from Sirgis that Delunio wants back the land that they lent Marden, now that Marden is gone. Zenovia says no to this. Her vassal warns this might lead to war, but she doubts that will happen.

The next day, Wein again tries to begin serious talks with Gruyere, but Gruyere gives him the cold shoulder all day long. He’s avoiding Wein. Which is weird, because Gruyere is the one who invited him. Wein can tell something is up.

Finally, Gruyere asks to meet Wein and Ninym on a balcony. Wein and Ninym are ready to take hostile action if that’s the road Gruyere goes down.

Gruyere surprises Wein by saying he doesn’t care that Levetian scriptures look down on Flahms

It seems Gruyere isn’t some mindless religious zealot.

Now Wein definitely wants an alliance with Gruyere, and he requests one. And without any debate, Gruyere agrees to it! Again, Wein is surprised with how easy this is.

Turns out Gruyere was just being two-faced. He was already working with Sirgis, who was hiding on the balcony.

Back in Natra,  Wein and Ninym get a message that Delunio is attacking Marden, and Soljest’s military is coming to help Delunio forces attack Natra.

Wein meets with Zenovia. She apologizes for how this turned out, and requests to try to reconcile with Delunio to fix this matter. Wein agrees to this.

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