The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 12 Review - Wein Tricks Sirgis with Lies

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 11, we reach our season finale. It begins with Zenovia and Wein making their way to Sirgis in Delunio to try to reconcile with him, and stop King Gruyere’s invasion from Soljest.

Natra hits Gruyere with an ambush while he rides his crazy chariot. He’s powerful, and knocks out a whole bunch of soldiers at once. But doesn’t kill any of them…

Skeezy Sirgis basically starts off his talk with Wein and Zenovia by saying there’s no need for him to negotiate with them.

Zenovia responds by trying to seed doubt in Delunio’s and Soljest’s alliance with one another. Then she hits him with a very tempting offer - Marden will give twice the land to Delunio that’s owed to them if they halt the war.

But Sirgis doesn’t take the bait. 

Sirgis secretly wants to donate the land they get back from Marden to the Levetian faith. So that he gets promoted to a Holy Elite.

Then Wein steps in with his crazy proposal. That Sirgis and he team up to kill off Gruyere. 

Back on the battlefield, it seems the Natrans are in defense mode and even retreating. So the Soljest army thinks they are victorious.

Back to Wein’s conversation again. He says he’s concerned for his people, so Sirgis offers Delunio to take in some refugees from Natra. And Wein says he’ll send 800,000! What a ridiculous bluff, but Sirgis falls for it.

Sirgis responds that the Delunio army will stop many refugees from entering, by force if necessary, killing many Natrans. To which Wein responds with more unbelievable bullshit, that Sirgis eats up. This is just bad writing at this point. Wein says the yellow clothes that were exported to Delunio and worn by many citizens has a toxin in them, so his people will die. With so much to deal with, Delunio will be ruined in the chaos.

Just then, a report comes to Sirgis that the Natran army has been routed - that little fight we saw earlier with Gruyere. It’s meant to freak out Sirgis that he has no time to decide to stop Wein’s refugee threat or ignore it. Then Wein baits Sirgis again with BS for like the 8th time, saying he has an antidote for the yellow clothes toxin. But he’ll only give it if the Delunio army switches sides and hits Soljest in a pincer attack. Sirgis agrees to this.

Wein’s generals take on Gruyere before his army can get out of the pincer, and Ninym gets to make the attack that knocks Gruyere out. Defeating the Soljest army.

Some time passes, and Gruyere has been a prisoner since then. He lost all his weight in that time. And Sirgis ruined his political career doing what he did, so he was ousted. 

Gruyere thinks he’s going to be executed, but Wein says that won’t happen. Gruyere actually prefers to die, but Wein convinces him to go on living.

And in the end, Wein and Ninym are back to dealing with big financial problems for the kingdom. Right back where the series started.

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