The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 2 Review - Wein Outsmarts Idiot Drawood

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This ep follows The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt - Episode 1, and I’m starting to get the feeling this series is just going to be a whole bunch of episodes about war and battle strategies. Which might actually be a good thing. It’s pretty entertaining so far.

It begins with hot-ass Ninym waking up Wein who is dreaming about tiddies. Wein is actually annoyed that Natra was able to take Marden’s goldmine mountain. He knows Marden will try to take it back. Natra’s Military Commander Larkurum brings Perint, leader of the goldmine to report to Wein. And he has some terrible news. The goldmine has pretty much been sucked dry of its gold, making it worthless!

Meanwhile, Marden’s King Fuschtarre meets with his advisors, pissed that he lost this goldmine. The skeey Finance Minister Holonuie advises that they take back the goldmine by using most of its army, while the country’s other borders are left without protection. He says General Drawood is sure to beat Natra’s forces. Lol they’re going to be massacred.

Conveniently, it seems no one else in Marden knows the goldmine is worthless now. So after fighting into a stalemate, Wein hopes to sue for peace and sell the worthless thing back to Marden.

As Wein predicted, Marden came at Natra’s forces holed up at the goldmine. They brought 30,000 troops. Natra only had 5,000. Drawood thought this would be an easy victory. But because of Wein’s strategy they were able to hold off the siege for several days! Of course, Natra had a terrain advantage. Even young Princess Falanya recognized this. But this Drawood idiot didn’t consider that at all when the fighting started, so he’s shocked and pissed that they’re not overcoming Natra.

Drawood learns about a secret cave into the mountain. Commander Angrill and some forces plan to go in and ambush the enemy through there. But it was a trap. Wein’s forces cave in the tunnel, killing Angrill and demoralizing Drawood more. Then overnight, Natra ambushes the Marden camps setting a bunch of tents on fire. In the chaos, Drawood hears rumbling and thinks the whole Natra army is going to attack at this time. But it was just the sound of boulders they rolled down the cliff.

Drawood sends an idiot cocky Commander named Logan to negotiate with Wein. But it’s not really a negotiation. And the idiot insults waifu Ninym. That was a fatal mistake.

A couple weeks later, Wein sneaks into Drawood’s tent and delivers Logan’s head to the bastard! Wein personally runs Drawood through with his sword and kills him. Easy for Wein who secretly learned the best combat skills from the Empire.

In the end, Marden easily fell after being attacked by neighboring country Cavarin, since the capital was unprotected. Fuschtarre was killed. And now Wein can’t negotiate with Marden anymore. But good news is that a new gold vein was found in the mine.

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