The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 8 Review - Raphtalia Is Left Behind

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 7, Naofumi’s party are now working with Kizuna and have made it back to Kizuna’s isekai world. But they still have no idea where Filo is. So what does Kizuna suggest? To go to Sikul, because it’s a safer region, somehow. How that move helps them find Filo is not clear at all. It’s also important to know that a wave is being counted down in this world, happening in 10 days. It’s also unusual that Kizuna knows nothing about waves. 

So Sikul takes them pretty much 10 days to get there by foot. But Kizuna says they can use a Dragon Hour Glass to teleport there. So they just need to make it to the capital Mikakage where the the Dragon Hour Glass is, which is only a few days away.

But Naofumi’s party doesn’t have money, and they need food and shelter as they go. They’re also very low level. So it’s back to leveling up and doing merchant work, just like Naofumi did most of last season.

While staying in the first town, Naofumi learns that the area is very Japanese in its vibe. Kizuna explains about the races - Grass people, Jewel people, and Spirit people.

During dinner, Kizuna learns that Naofumi has a potion that revitalizes Spirit people really well. Spirit people would pay any price for this potion. So Naofumi goes into shady merchant mode to max out how much money they can make. And they are successful in making enough to buy new armor and passes to travel the land. Their armor is very Japanese-looking. During their leveling up, they learn that many potions have different effects than expected, depending on what isekai world you’re from. For example, an earth crystal from Kizuna’s world meant to restore magic gives someone like Naofumi a 3,000 XP increase instead!

Naofumi’s party make it to the capital and spot a man naked Kazuki who’s a big deal. He’s a piece of shit like Kyo. But apparently this man has created a way to travel with Dragon Hour Glasses without needing to be a Hero.

That night, a blizzard hits the capital. And the group decides to sneak into the castle to use the Dragon Hour Glass under the cover the storm. Kizuna leads the way.

They get to the room where the Dragon Hour Glass is supposed to be, but it’s a trap instead. The guards knew Naofumi’s party was coming and try to catch them. Luckily, it seems like Naofumi’s group is too strong for the guards. But they have to make their way through the castle, which is a maze of dead ends.

Finally, the group makes it to the Dragon Hour Glass, guarded by Kazuki. Kazuki is Kyo’s “business partner.” Kyo is the one who helped him use the Dragon Hour Glass.

The group is able to activate the teleportation to escape to Sikul. But for some reason, Raphtalia can’t go. Kyo’s watching. His voice laughs, saying this was all part of his plan. Raphtalia has been feeling weak and useless lately, so she’s actually happy that she can still be Naofumi’s sword and help him escape. They teleport away while Raphtalia is left behind to be captured.

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