The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 9 Review - Naofumi Reunites with Filo

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 - Episode 8, Naofumi, Rishia and Kizuna have just teleported thanks to the Return Dragon Vein. Naofumi is pissed because it was all Kyo’s scheme. And they’ve been separated from Raphtalia who has probably been captured because she’s low level.

Naofumi’s anger almost gets the better of him, but Kizuna tells him to calm down. She knows someone who can help them locate Raphtalia.

Just then, some Sikul guards discover them. They know Kizuna and are loyal to her.

Meanwhile, we finally see where Filo has been. She’s been captured by a bastard trader who runs a sideshow of creatures. He puts a seal on her, and in this world, that transforms Filo into a tiny bird that can fit in a bird cage. So she’s imprisoned there.

The people of Sikul take Naofumi’s party in. They’re angered that the Mikakage country locked up their hero, Kizuna, in the Infinite Labyrinth for so long. And at first, thankful to Naofumi for getting Kizuna out of there. But then they learn he’s a Cardinal Hero from another world and immediately distrust him.

Naofumi doesn’t have patience or time to deal with their distrust BS, so he walks away. He runs into Ethnobalt, the Boat Vassal Hero. Ethnobalt is the one Kizua said could help find Raphtalia.

First, Ethnobalt reunites Kizuna with her shikigami, Chris. Then Ethnobalt performs the ritual to create a shikigami for Naofumi. They use Naofumi’s blood and some of Raphtalia’s hair that he had stored in his shield.

The ritual works, and a raccoon-looking creature is born. This means that Raphtalia is alive somewhere. Naofumi doesn’t name it yet.

Then Ethnobalt reveals he’s a descendant of monsters that protect the world. Kind of like the Filolial Queen, Fitoria. Ethnobalt’s boat can take them to Raphtalia’s and Filo’s locations. The shikigami points out Raphtalia’s location on the map, which is the same place Glass is. 

So they use the boat to teleport there. To right outside the town, so they don’t cause a disturbance.

They walk through the town and find Filo! She’s  being tortured on display.

Overnight, Naofumi’s party breaks into the sideshow’s storage area to free Filo. Naofumi is able to recognize Filo in her tiny bird form, because he loves her. They free Filo. The bastard sideshow guy catches them, and Naofumi finally has a chance to pay him back with his abilities. He uses his shield to create an illusion that breaks him psychologically!

They escape. Filo is shaken up by her torture and experience  and clings to Naofumi. The next day, Kizuna introduces herself to Filo. And Filo names Naofumi’s shikigami. The name is Raph-chan.

Suddenly, Naofumi can no longer see Raphtalia’s stats. They don’t know why. For a moment, they’re afraid it means she died! But the shikigami is still there, so she should still be alive.

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