Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 11 Review - Mugan and Fugan vs. Golden Ryan, Rock Bison, and Blue Rose

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 10, a flashback shows the time that Brahe first meets Fugan and Mugan. They were orphan kids hated by normal humans. Brahe showed them kindness and took care of them.

Back in the present, Fugan and Mugan leave Dragon Kid and Origami Cyclone to be found by the heroes. Like Sky High and Fire Emblem, their bodies have been petrified. They’re admitted to the hospital.

Agnes gives an order for all the remaining heroes to stay in the training room from now on, unless they’re on a mission. This is for their safety, in case Fugan and Mugan attack again. The heroes are pretty worried and depressed about the situation.

In the hospital, Mattia happens to run into Kotetsu. Because Kotetsu will be stuck in the training room, he asks Mattia to visit Barnaby in his place when he can. Mattia is happy to help because he was going to do it anyway.

Lara’s mom is happy Dragon Kid was taken out. She thinks this gives her daughter a chance to take Dragon Kid’s place. She’s not even worried her daughter could get killed. What a dumb bitch. Lara finally snaps at her. But apologizes right after.

Golden Ryan picks up Blue Rose from her mother’s home. Her mom is clearly worried for her daughter’s safety. Golden Ryan finds out that Blue Rose was going to miss her friend’s band performance in the park, so he decides to go against the rules and take her there.

Meanwhile, Brahe and Rosicky are running tests of the new NEXT drug on Gregory Sunshine. It makes him more powerful, and Sunshine’s power is the ability to make powers go out of control.

In the training room, Lara confesses to Rock Bison that she feels bad about Origami taking her place in the hospital. She blames herself for what happened to him. Rock Bison gives her a pep talk and makes her feel better.

But then Fugan and Mugan warp into the training room and attack them! And Mr. Black and He Is Thomas as well!

At the same time, Tiger meets with Yuri to demand that he take the fight to the enemy. He wants to put himself out as bait, not stay locked in the training room.

While Golden Ryan and Blue rose are in a car driving to the Apollon Media Building, Mugan warps into their car and grabs them, warping them into the training room. The room has been wrecked by their attack. Thomas is badly bleeding.

Blue Rose, Rock Bison and Golden Ryan team up and use their powers against Fugan and Mugan, but the two are two strong. The twins reveal that Fugan’s power is to absorb attacks and use them as his own strength. But they don’t reveal the secret behind petrification.

Blue Rose is able to lead Fugan and Mugan away to a dark room. This gives Rock Bison a chance to lead the rookie heroes to safety. Thomas wants to stay and fight, but Rock Bison throws him out the window, along with Mr. Black and Magical Cat. The three are able to land safely. Mugan gets tackled by Bison.

Meanwhile, Blue Rose is able to crush Fugan under ice boulders. And Golden Ryan holds him down. Mugan teleports to him and is barely able to touch his brother to escape together.

The twins warp back to Brahe. Where Rosicky gives them the new drug. They’re even more powerful. The two come back to the training room and kidnap Blue Rose, Rock Bison and Golden Ryan.

Yuri and Tiger rush into the training room. But they’re too late to save anyone.

And Bunny finally wakes up!

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