Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 10 Review - Mio Does Some Spy Work

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following right after the end of Tsukimichi Episode 9, Kuzunoha is holding onto Mio, making sure she doesn’t murder everyone. The two elf girls Aqua and Eris are chasing them. And the three adventurers are running close behind Kuzunoha. After communicating telepathically, Tomoe creates a mist portal and sucks in the adventurers into the Illusory City to get them out the way.

Then Kuzunoha satisfies Mio by letting him suck on a little of his blood, since it’s her favorite food. It works, she finally calms down and listens to Kuzunoha’s orders.

The elf girls try to attack them with a spell, but Mio sucks up their spell easily. And restrains them so that Kuzunoha can finally clear up this misunderstanding with some talk. He explains that he’s there to negotiate.

So Aqua and Eris take them to their village to meet with the elders. Turns out they’re forest ogres, not elves. One elder is named Nigilstori, and his son who is suspicious of Kuzunoha is named Adono. Anyways, Kuzunoha and Mio are considered honored guests by the elders.

After the meeting, Aqua and Eris introduce Mio and Kuzunoha to their master, Mondo. Mondo shakes hands with Kuzunoha and feels something special about him. But Mio gets pissed that he holds on for 32 seconds, which is one second longer that she got to hold hands with him. So she smacks him so hard he goes flying through a wall!

Overnight, Kuzunoha has Mio do some spy work on the village. She throws out her web over it and calls it “wiretapping.” She overhears Adono having a telepathic communication, revealing he’s connected to demons. And she learns Mondo is possessed by something.

Later, the village throws festival in Kuzunoha’s honor. The thing possessing Mondo reveals itself right after killing Adono! I was surprised, didn’t think these characters would be ditched so quickly.

The possessor is a lich. He has impressive power, but Kuzunoha is able to thwart his spells singlehandedly. He defeats the lich but lets it live. Tomoe takes the lich through a mist portal.

The elders and villagers are freaked out by Kuzunoha’s power. But Tomoe appears. She and Nigilstori know each other from the past. It was Tomoe who made the village’s mist barrier to protect them, after Nigilstori begged for it. They regard Tomoe like a god. And Tomoe tells them that Kuzunoha is her master. So then they profusely apologize and get down on their knees for him.

Kuzunoha, Tomoe and Mio question the lich in the Illusory City. They find out he was researching grants - humans greater than normal humans that can travel to other worlds. Kuzunoha’s parents would be considered grants. But it’s extremely rare to perform this isekai successfully.

They restore the lich back to flesh and bones. He’s now Kuzunoha’s servant. 

In the middle of conversation, Tomoe collapses and bleeds a little. Probably having to do with those jerk adventurers causing an explosion nearby!

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