Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 11 Review - Kuzunoha and the Demiplane Suffer a Tragedy

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following right after the end of Tsukimichi Episode 10, the events of Ep 11 were honestly pretty confusing to me. And the pacing seemed off.

Mio tends to the unconscious Tomoe who is lying in her own blood. Kuzunoha and Lich run to investigate the explosion in the illusory city. Lich happens to be good at healing magic and starts healing the injured demiplane denizens that they find right away. One is an orc child, the other is the Alke Hakuto. Hakuto is so gravely injured, Kuzunoha fears he’s already died. But thanks to Lich and healing kai, they’re able to save him. I don’t understand how Kuzunoha’s healing kai works, this was one of the confusing parts to me. But whatever.

Kuzunoha gets to the explosion site and it’s a crater. Everything completely annihilated. He see traces of a mist gate to Tsige open, maybe it was opened by the blast. He can vaguely sense the blonde adventurer through it. He also vaguely senses Fragment’s and the Orc’s consciousness, as well as the other two adventurers. But these diffused, meaning they’re all dead!

Kuzunoha tries to get through the mist gate to find blondie, but first he experiences blondie’s memories. We see just how vile these asshole adventurers are. They were stealing from the waste product weapons storage.  Kuzunoha’s discarded Draupnir rings filled with mana were there too, and highly volatile. In the struggle to take the weapons, they caused an explosion. Blondie was the only survivor.

Kuzunoha is traumatized and catches up to blondie. His personality shifts to the dark side and he takes his revenge. He brutally chops off her arms and then stabs her throat because he doesn’t like the noise she’s making. This was satisfying to me so I watched it twice, but Kuzunoha was impacted by taking his first life. He steps back from the brink, I guess. And realizes he still knows so little about how to live in this new world.

The next day, the denizens hold a funeral for Fragment and the orc. I’m honestly surprised they killed off the cutest character in the series. Tomoe recovers no problem. I thought they might be able to resurrect at least her because she was made from Tomoe. But no such luck.

Lich gets the name Shiki

Kuzunoa later speaks to Emma, asking her to make a special wall to divide demiplane denizens fro the adventurers who visit. He wants to protect the denizens more after such a tragedy. Haruna mentions that Hakuto is healing nicely.

Kuzunoha begins a journey with Shiki to Rotsgard to learn more about the world.

But suddenly, the bitch goddess ambushes Kuzunoha, teleporting him alone to some unknown location. Where he’s immediately attacked and gets two fingers cut off by Sophia and Mitsurugi!

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