Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy - Episode 12 Review - Kuzunoha Barely Survives Against Mitsurugi and Sofia

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Tsukimichi Episode 11, we finally reach the season finale!

Continuing from where we left off, the bitch goddess teleported Kuzunoha unexpectedly. He realises it was the goddess’ doing. He’s been attacked immediately and lost two fingers.

He tries to reason with the two attackers but its useless. They think he’s a demi-human sent by the goddess, because they also saw the goddess’ light around him when he teleported.

The two attackers are fighting on the side of the demon army. Hyuman and demon armies are about to face each other in the battlefield, and Kuzunoha was dropped right in the middle!

Kuzunoha tries hold the two off with rapid-fire bhrids. He takes off running, but one of the attackers is able to form thousands of crystal instantly to slow down Kuzunoha. The girl catches up to Kuzunoha, and her sword attacks are strong enough to break his barriers.

Because Kuzunoha is so good, the attackers think he’s being protected by the goddess. They do some spell to remove protection, but he never was protected in the first place. Finally they introduce themselves as Sofia Bulga and Mitsurugi (Lancer). Kuzunoha remembers hearing about them.

Kuzunoha then switches from concealing kai to strengthening kai, and powers up so ridiculously it creates a blast that stuns Mitsurugi and Sofia. Continue continues with an assault by a fire arrow that divides into a barrage on them, doing actual damage to the two. 

Right after, Kuzunoha hits them with a water arrow attack, which overpowers Mitsurugi’s water defenses, creating a freeze attack. But it’s not enough. Sofia attacks again with her sword, but luckily Kuzunoha breaks the sword’s blade with his Dwarven uchine. Weaponless, she teleports high into the sky while holding Kuzunoha and drops him to die. Foolish move. Kuzunoha uses five of his draupnir rings to power up an arrow shot, practically creating a mini nuclear mana explosion on them. Some of the soldiers nearby are even frozen in the attack.

Mitsurugi and Sofia barely survive. Kuzunoha escapes through a mist gate during the fall, but they think he probably died from the blast.

Kuzunoha awakens at home in the demiplane with his wounds healed.

Kuzunoha tells Tomoe, Mio and Shiki what happened. And Tomoe introduces her new Fragment, which Kuzunoha names Komoe!

Mondo, Eris, Aqua, and the other Forest Ogres are being trained in combat by the demi-humans. It’s tough training.

The illusory city is going well, with the Alke Akina acting as the honey trap for visitors.

And the Kuzunoha general shop in Tsige is also doing great. Humans love the shop’s wares and skills. Rembrandt and his butler Morris are keeping an eye on this…

So what’s next in the series? Kuzunoha picks up his trip to the Academy. Really hope this series gets a second season!

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