Anime “Black Rock Shooter DF” Second Visual Revealed! In Spring 2022, Terrestrial Broadcast & Disney Plus Streaming!

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The anime "Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL" will be broadcast on terrestrial TV and streamed exclusively on Disney Plus in the spring of 2022. At the same time, the second key visual has been released.

The original "Black Rock Shooter" is an original character designed by illustrator huke and published on December 26, 2007 on the illustration posting site "pixiv" and his own blog. Inspired by this illustration, ryo from supercell wrote the music and huke added the video to the video posting site "Nico Nico Douga" on June 13, 2008, and the video "Black Rock Shooter" has become popular with over 7.5 million views as of September 2021.

The second anime key visual has now arrived, which will be released for three consecutive months. It depicts the main character 'Dead Master' turning around. Also, the setting pictures have been released, so be sure to check those out as well.

The anime "Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL" will be aired on terrestrial broadcasting and streamed exclusively on the video streaming service Disney Plus in the spring of 2022.

[Work Information] "Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL"

Original Story: Black Rock Shooter

Director: Tensho

Series Composition/Screenplay: Fukami Makoto 

Series Composition Cooperation and Script: Yoshigami Ryo 

Character Designer: huke

Concept Designer: Tomono Rui, Ishiwata Makoto (Nitroplus), Ota Yojo (Nitroplus)

Character Designer/Artistic Director: Nonaka Masayuki, Nakagawa Yo 

Animation Production: Bibury Animation Studio / Bibury Animation CG

Production: Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL Production Committee UNLIMITED PRODUCE by TMS

(C)B★RS/Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL Production Committee

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