Autumn anime “Kimi Mimi”: Mikami Shiori, Mimori Suzuko, Waki Azumi, Koga Aoi and others try ASMR! The “brain-getting-chills” PV is now on view!

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From the first ASMR-themed TV anime, "Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 Seconds?" (start at 1:00 am, on October 15, 2021), the PV and scene photos have been released.

"Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 Seconds?" is the first short anime in the TV anime, based on the theme of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), "enjoying with your ears," which has been popular in recent years as "a genre of audio and video that triggers a feeling of comfort and brain stimulation caused by visual and auditory stimuli." 

Gekko-chan, a girl who has known the main character "you" since childhood, hears that "you" are into ASMR, buys a dummy head microphone, and starts researching ASMR. There is Akimizu-chan, who wants to be friends with Gekko-chan, Gekko-chan's sister and her mother, and "your" sister. In this work, you can enjoy how the seven characters surrounding "you" are drawn in by the charm of ASMR, and the realistic sounds of ear scratching, breathing, voices, squeezing, ice, water, typing, and other daily life sounds.

The cast includes Mikami Shiori, Mimori Suzuko, Waki Azumi, Ito Kanae, Koga Aoi, and Hayami Sho.

In the PV that has just been released, Gekko-chan, a childhood friend who has started researching ASMR, is scratching her ears with a dummy head microphone when she hears a rumbling sound. When she hears that shivering sound, she can’t help but say, “Oh, that’s a good sound…” She begins to be attracted to the appeal of ASMR, saying, “So this is ASMR. ……”
Viewers can’t wait for the broadcast while watching PV, where they enjoy the shivering sensation with their ears.

“Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 Seconds?” will start airing on TOKYO MX from 1:00 am on October 15.

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