Movie “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045” Motoko and Batou Land on the West Coast! What About Togusa? The First 8 Minutes Have Been Specially Revealed

Anime November 10, 09:24 0
From the full-length animated film "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable War", the first 8 minutes of the main story have specially been revealed for a limited period.

"Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable War" is an animated full-length film that was produced by adding new scenes to and reconstructing all the episodes of the 1st season of "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045" (released in 2020), the first-ever full 3DCG anime in the "Ghost in the Shell" history. It is directed by Fujii Michihito, who is well-known for "The Journalist", which was nominated for 6 Japan Academy Prizes, "Yakuza and The Family", and other live-action films.

In the released footage features powerful action scenes on the West Coast by the members led by Kusanagi Motoko, a former member of Public Security Section 9, including Batou, Ishikawa, Saito, and a new character Standard will be involved in powerful action scenes on the West Coast.

Meanwhile, Togusa, who stays in Japan as a former member of Public Security Section 9, gets a job offer from Aramaki. What is it about......? The footage will make you excited for the premiere.

The footage of the first 8 minutes will be available until 11:59 PM on November 25, 2021. The full-length animated film "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable War" will be screened at nationwide 20 theaters exclusively for 2 weeks from November 12, 2021.

"Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable War"

Premiere on Friday, November 12, 2021. (Exclusively for 2 weeks)


Tanaka Atsuko / Saka Osamu / Otsuka Akio / Yamadera Koichi

Nakano Yutaka / Okawa Toru / Onozuka Takashi / Yamaguchi Taro / Tamagawa Sakiko / Han Megumi / Tsuda Kenjiro / Soze Kaiji / Kiyama Shigeo / Hayashibara Megumi

Kawabuchi Kaori / Soze Kaiji / Kasahara Shinji / Okada Chihei / Takei Hidenori / Yamashiroya Risa


Original Creator: Shirow Masamune "Ghost in the Shell" (Published in Kodansha KCDX)

Chief Directors: Kamiyama Kenji × Aramaki Shinji

Director: Fujii Michihito

Screenplay: Kamiyama Kenji, Higaki Ryo, Sunayama Kurasumi, Doki Harumi, Sato Dai, Ohigashi Daisuke

Character Designer: Ilya Kuvshinov

3D Character Supervisor: Matsushige Hiromi

Production Designer: Usui Shinji, Teraoka Kenji, Matsuda Daisuke

Modeling Supervisor: Tasaki Masamitsu

Rigging Supervisor: Nishikiori Yosuke, Inoue Masakazu

Effects Supervisor: Kiyozuka Takuya

Lighting Composite Supervisor: Takahashi Koya

Editor: Sadamatsu Go

Music: Toda Nobuko × Jinnouchi Kazuma

Sound Designer: Takagi Hajime

Opening Music: "Fly with me" by millennium parade × ghost in the shell: SAC_2045

Music Production: FlyingDog

Production: Production I.G × SOLA DIGITAL ARTS


Distribution: Bandai Namco Arts

(C)Shirow Masamune, Production I.G / Kodansha, Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Production Committee

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