Which Is Your Favorite Theme Song Among Anime for Fall 2021? -Opening Theme Edition- 3rd Place “The Vampire Dies in No Time”, 2nd Place “World Trigger”… The Comment “It Creates Such a Lively Atmosphere!” for the Top♪

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Most of the anime for fall 2021 has already broadcast Episode 1.

As well as main stories, theme songs that condense the world settings into 1 minute 30 seconds are also characteristic parts of TV anime series. For this fall, many theme songs, which allow you to enjoy the world settings, have been lined up. Among them, which is the most attractive for the fans?

Therefore, Anime!Anime! conducted a reader survey titled "Which Is Your Favorite Theme Song Among Anime for Fall 2021?". During the survey period from October 23 - 30, a total of 141 responses were received. For the gender ratio, the females were the majority with about 70% while the males were about 30%. For the age distribution, we received the majority of responses from the young readers: about 45% were from teens, and 25% were from those in their 20s.

We will introduce the results for the Opening Theme Edition first.

■"Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" came in 1st place!

1st Place

1st place went to "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba". The support rating was about 16%.

The opening theme song for this title is "Akeboshi" by LiSA. The readers showed their feelings of joy for Lisa to perform the theme song again. The comments received include, "I am so excited to hear LiSA's singing voice again in the TV anime......!" and "She would have been feeling so much pressure as 'Gurenge' for the 1st season and 'Homura' for the film became big hits. However, the latest theme song has gone and beyond. I wouldn't expect anything less from her!"

The opening anime also received a favorable reputation, such as "I was completely drawn into the opening anime, beginning with the scene of Rengoku-san and Tanjiro together! 'Akeboshi' is balladic just like 'Homura', but it also gives off a sense of strength, which was a perfect match for the anime!"

2nd Place

2nd place went to "World Trigger" (3rd Season). The support rating was about 10%.

The opening theme is "Time Factor" by Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai. The artist was in charge of the theme song of the past series and received comments such as, "Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai was in charge of the ending theme song of the 2nd season, which led me to a huge fan of them. I got addicted to the latest opening theme song just by listening to it once."

A reader said that the song and footage perfectly match, leaving a comment "The song perfectly matches the footage, which traces the history of the protagonist from the very beginning, and the scenes featuring daily life of each team! This is opening theme song is highly addictive."

3rd Place

3rd place went to "The Vampire Dies in No Time". The support rating was about 9%.

The opening theme song is "DIES IN NO TIME" by Fukuyama Jun. The comments received include, "The bright song performed by Fukuyama-san as Dralc and the opening anime exquisitely match. This is the best, to say the least!", "I never get bored with the stylish footage featuring Dralc and Ronaldo dancing", and "Although both the song and footage are cool, I cannot help laughing to see some comical scenes inserted such as Dralc's winding up dead." The stylish yet comical elements attained popularity.

For male readers alone, 1st place went to "My Senpai Is Annoying", 2nd place to "86 -Eighty Six-" (2nd Cour), and 3rd place was shared among "Komi Can't Communicate", "takt op.Destiny", "Mieruko-chan", and "World Trigger". For female readers alone, 1st place went to "'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' Mugen Train", and 3rd place was shared between "World Trigger" and "The Vampire Dies in No Time".

■Let's introduce other comments!

"Mieruko-chan" - "Mienai Kara ne!?" by Yotsuya Miko (Voice: Amamiya Sora)

"The lyrics that are incompatible with the pop melody. However, Amamiya-san pulled off singing the song, retaining the image of the character, by expressing a trembling voice and screaming. Her skills of singing and expression are amazing!"

"My Senpai Is Annoying" - "annoying! sunsun week!" by Igarashi Futaba (Voice: Kusunoki Tomori), Sakurai Toko (Voice: Hayami Saori), Kurobe Natsumi (Voice: Aoyama Reina), and Tsukishiro Mona(Voice: Koga Aoi)

"This song is so bright that I get lured to sing it together! The wonderful lyrics make me ready to work hard again."

"Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside" - "Iki wo Suu Koko de Suu Ikite" by Yui Nishio

"This song is filled with holiday vibes and matches the work with the theme of slow life. I like the choice of song, which is not a typical anime song."

"Ranking of Kings" - "BOY" by King Gnu

"This lyrics, which encourages me to have no negative opinions about myself, are wonderful. This song gives me the power to move on."

A variety of theme songs have received votes.

For the Opening Theme Edition, "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" came in 1st place. The result shows how the title is spotlighted after the blockbuster success of the film.

■Overall Ranking

-Which Is Your Favorite Theme Song Among Anime for Fall 2021? Opening Theme Edition-

1. "'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' Mugen Train"

2. "World Trigger" (3rd Season)

3. "The Vampire Dies in No Time"

4. "Visual Prison"

5. "Komi Can't Communicate"

6. "My Senpai Is Annoying"

6. "Mieruko-chan"

8. "Ranking of Kings"

9. "takt op.Destiny"

10. "86 -Eighty Six-" (2nd Cour)

11. "The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window"

11. "Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut"

11. "Blue Period"

11. "Lupin III Part 6"

15. "Restaurant to Another World 2"

15. "Taisho Otome Fairy Tale"

15. "Hanma Baki"

15. "Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Season 2"

(Survey Period: October 23 – 30, 2021)

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