“Date A Live IV” War Begins Again-1st PV Revealed, Broadcast Postponed to 2022

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From "Date A Live IV", the latest series of "Date A Live", the 1st PV has been revealed. In addition, it was announced that the broadcast date will be postponed from October 2021 to sometime within 2022.

The TV anime series "Date A Live" is based on the same-titled light novel that was serialized in "Dragon Magazine". The series, which has sold over a total of 6 million copies all over the world, received 3 TV anime adaptations and 1 theatrical film adaptation so far. "Date A Live IV" will be the 4th season of the TV anime series.

This time, the 1st PV has been revealed from "Date A Live IV". This is the first video footage to show part of the main story, and features new characters that appear from this series such as Honjo Nia and Hoshimiya Muroku.

Also, the announcement that the broadcast date will be postponed from October 2021 to sometime within 2022 is made in the PV.

Furthermore, to commemorate the series' 10 anniversary, a present campaign will be held, where you get a chance to win the complete set of the comic. One of all the volumes will autographed by the original creator Tachibana Koshi. Please check out the official Twitter for more details.

The TV anime "Date A Live IV" will be released in 2022.

■"Date A Live IV"

Scheduled to be released in 2022.


Original Creator: Tachibana Koshi / Original Character Design: Tsunako

(Kadokawa Corporation - Fantasia Bunko)

Director: Nakagawa Jun

Series Composition: Shimo Fumihiko

Character Design: Nakamura Naoto

Sub-Character Design: Tanaka Shiori

Mechanical Design: Akitaka Mika, Moriki Yasuhito

Art Director: Nakata Junki

Color Design: Ikeda Hitomi

Director of Photography: Nozawa Keisuke

3D Director: Shirai Kenichi

Special Effects / 2D Work: Masuko Noriko

Editing: Yoshitake Masato

Sound Director: Ebina Yasunori

Music: Sakabe Go

Music Production: Nippon Columbia

Animation Production: Geek Toys

Production: "Date A Live IV" Production Committee


Itsuka Shido: Shimazaki Nobunaga

Yatogami Tohka: Inoue Marina

Tobiichi Origami: Togashi Misuzu

Itsuka Kotori: Taketatsu Ayana

Yoshino: Nomizu Iori

Tokisaki Kurumi: Sanada Asami

Yamai Kaguya: Uchida Maaya

Yamai Yuzuru: Bridcutt Sarah Emi

Izayoi Miku: Chihara Minori

Natsumi: Mano Ayumi

(C)2021 Tachibana Koshi, Tsunako / KADOKAWA / "Date A Live IV" Production Committee

(C)Tachibana Koshi, Tsunako

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