In the Land of Leadale - Episode 10 - Cayna Adopts Luka

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 9, this ep begins with our isekai heroine Cayna investigating a village that has turned into zombies. It’s covered with a poisonous fog. Luckily, it has no effect on her.

Cayna senses someone. It’s not a zombie. It’s a human player. The “woman” from previous episodes at Helshper’s guild.

The woman takes Cayna to her partner, hiding in a basement. An unconscious little girl is also there.

The “woman” continues to try to sound like a woman but Cayna calls her out that it’s not working. Exis, having pieced things together, realizes she is the famed Cayna of Cream Cheese.

Exis used to be called Tartarus, but Cayna remembers his as Tartar Sauce, which makes her crack up. Tartarus also used to be in Cream Cheese, but he was a weak mage back then so Cayna didn’t recognize him in Dragoid form now.

The woman introduces herself as Quolkeh, someone who’s a man in the real world.

Exis and Quolkeh explain they’re there for a quest. And Cayna explains she’s looking for the Dragon King Palace. They also don’t understand this zombie/fog mystery. They show her the sleeping girl.

The three want to solve this problem but also don’t want to leave the girl. So Cayna summons her werecat butler with a bell. His name is Roxilius, or Rox for short.

Then Cayna remembers a quest similar to these events. There’s a Ghost Ship and a captain who are the boss that need to be defeated so the zombie’s don’t rise up again.

The three are able to defeat the lackeys and the captain easily.

After that, the fog lifts. But the fishing village can’t come back.

While camping out, the three ask the little girl, who is named Luka, what she wants to do. Stay in the abandoned village or go with Cayna, or the Dragoid. Right, tough choice, she chooses Cayna. And just like that, without even needing to think about it, Cayna adopts a little girl. WTF? Whatever.

The next day, Cayna uses a blue dragon summons to help her deep dive into the ocean

She’s able to find the Dragon King Palace, which is another Guardian Tower. She gives the main flower MP, and it summons the guardian, a giant frog. The frog recognizes her as the new master. Unfortunately, the blue dragon doesn’t find the mermaid’s village.

With that Cayna says goodbye to Exis and Quolkeh.

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