In the Land of Leadale - Episode 9 Review - Cayna and Shining Saber Looks Like a Couple

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 8, Cayna and Lytt have just reunited. Lytt’s mother Marelle also comes out to welcome her. And the village folk know just how to celebrate Cayna’s return - drinking party!

She wakes up with a hangover the next day and swears off alcohol again. Kee doesn’t believe her.

She notices the villagers surrounding a well. Rottol says he definitely heard singing from the well, but the others think he was just drunk from the party. So Cayna offers to investigate.

She magically puts on a wetsuit and dives down the well. Holding breath must be a skill or something that scales to player level too, because she has no problem doing so for long times. She also summons two fish water spirits to guide her.

It’s cold in underground water, which cures her hangover, but then she uses a spell to control body temperature! She has a spell for everything. 

Eventually she enters a cavern and finds a mermaid there. The mermaid is worried Cayna will eat her, at first. The mermaid then notices the water spirits friendly to Cayna. Her people consider them gods.

Anyways, the mermaid introduces herself as Mimily. She was swimming next to her village a week ago, when a vortex pulled her in. She’s not sure how to get home. She starts singing, and Cayna realizes she’s the reason the villagers are hearing things.

Cayna takes Mimily back up to the village. They promise to take care of her right away until Cayna finds her real home. They let her live in their bathhouse. 

So Cayna leaves the village again to look for it, and says goodbye to Lytt and Marelle. Lytt worries for her, so Cayna promises to take her flying one day.

Back at the capital, the Felskeilo Knights are about to head off on their mission to take down bandits. Cayna heads them off to greet their captain, Shining Saber. She asks to accompany them a while.

Baka Shing Saber picks up Cayna and carries her in his arms since she doesn’t have a horse to ride. His subordinates get the wrong idea that the two are a couple. Shining Saber realizes too late what he’s done and apologizes after turning red.

That night at camp, they eat Cayna’s food. Shining Saber keeps telling them she’s not his girlfriend. But they don’t believe him at all.

Shining Saber’s knights whine that they don’t get good food, and love Cayna’s. Cayna gives Shining Saber Cooking Skills so they can eat better from now on.

The knights drop off Cayna at her destination. She notices the village covered in sketchy fog. So she summons Heigl the Centaur to assist her. But the fogs depletes his HP right away and he’s taken down by some ambushing zombies. High level ones. Must have been a player.

Cayna kills them, but the mystery continues.

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