In the Land of Leadale - Episode 8 Review - Cayna Chats with Shining Saber and Cohral

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 7, Cayna is enjoying her time out in the wild with Lonti and Mye. But the Li’l Fairy gets a bad feeling that Cayna is needed back in Felskeilo. So she summons Therwolf and tells the others to hop on so they can get back really fast.

Apparently, Lopus’ garbage dump and the potion combined created an Event Monster. That’s the big bird.

Shining Saber and Cohral know the level of this monster. It’s OP and it will destroy everything. So even though he knows he’s no match, Shining Saber gets ready to fight the monster because it’s his job!

Mai-mai, Skargo, Kartatz and Lopus meet by the water to discuss what to do. Mai-mai is ready to attack, but Skargo says that would be bad. It would direct the monster’s attention towards the Castle.  

Shining Saber is on a roof, about to attack. When suddenly Cohral joins him. Guild brothers willing to die together.

Thet two lunge at the monster together with their best weapon skills. They manage to make the beast fall back into the water, but the movement comes back to hit them, nearly killing them. They’re both in bad condition, but Shining Saber is over level 400, so he’s not as bad as Cohral. Anyways, they both get up to attack again. But it’s obvious the odds are not great.

That’s when a giant boulder flies in out of nowhere and hits the monster in the face! Cayna’s next move one-shots the monster. Because she’s our OP heroine!

Cohral and Shining Saber realize such a powerful move but have been done by another human player. 

Crisis averted, Mye and Lonti say goodbye. Cayna notices that Skargo doesn’t even catch Mye’s look of longing. 

The next day, Cayna meets with Shining Saber and Cohral and properly introduces herself as a human player who knew their guild master, Cream Cheese. They know her as the Silver-Ring Witch! And she threatens to hurt them because she hates the name.

Cayna used the monster loot to create Valhalla, the strongest weapon around. And give it to Cohral as a present. The three trade info.

Cayna learns that Leadale’s service ended about 6 months after rumors of a player dying. But they’re not sure if it’s because she died that service ended. She also learns about a possible Guardian Tower in exchange for teaching Cohral healing magic.

Later, Cayna has a conversation with Mai-mai, and Mai-mai suggests she settle down somewhere. Cayna thinks the best place would be the village she woke up in.

So after a stop by her Guardian Tower to replenish the Guardian with MP, she goes back to the village. Where Lytt welcomes her with open arms!

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