In the Land of Leadale - Episode 7 Review - Cayna Camps with Lonti and Mye

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 6, Cayna is heading back to Felskeilo. The trip back is easier because Kartatz rebuilt the broken bridge over the river. It was possible since the bandits in the area were taken care of by Cayna earlier.

Elineh and Arbiter thank Cayna for joining their trip and helping them. They offer her a spot on the Flame Spears.

Next up, Cayna goes to the Adventurer’s Guild because she’s bored and has nothing else planned. She goes with a quest to get horned bear meat for the tavern she’s heard of - the Black Rabbit’s Cottontail. That’s the one Mai-mai, Skargo, and Kartatz like to go to.

On her way out, she bumps into an adventurer we’ll see more of later.

Outside, she runs into Lonti who is with a girl named “Mye” claiming to be Lonti’s friend from the academy. They ask to hang out with Cayna because Lonti wants someone reliable to guard Mye. Cayna can tell she’s a royal, probably.

So Cayna takes them on the quest, which is out in the forest outside the city. While walking, Cayna is able to tell trees to bend out of the way for her path. So trees are alive!

While camping at night, Cayna treats them to food. At first, they can’t relax because Cerberus scares them. But Cayna assures her they’re safe. Then they enjoy the food.

After that, Cayna creates a hot water bath out of nowhere.  We get to enjoy some naked girl fan service, censored of course. Even the little fairy helps censor Cayna!

Then Canya finds out that Mye has feelings for her son, Skargo. And teases her a bit! Lonti had no idea and whines that Mye never told her. And they accidentally reveal that Mye indeed is a princess.

Finally, it’s time to sleep. Cayna summons a white dragon, again terrifying the other girls. But it’s fur is perfect for sleeping. And Cayna is able to show the dragon’s penis to the girls. The girls get embarrassed as they’ve never seen a penis before. Well, Mye’s seen her dad’s and brother’s. Ummmm.

Then the subject of the knight-captain comes up. He’s a dragoid. Also Prin comes up. Mye asks if she can learn to walk on water, but that’s hard.

The next morning, Cayna kills a horned bear easily, something even a group of knights would have trouble with.

Back in the city, that adventurer we saw earlier happens to meet the knight-captain Dragoid named Shining Saber. The adventurer’s name is Cohral. They’re both human players, and they were in the same guild!

Close by, Lopus accidentally creates a Godzilla-sized bird monster that starts wrecking the city!

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