In the Land of Leadale - Episode 6 Review - Cayna Meets Another Human Player

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 5, Caerina’s garrison forces are in a tough situation against a bunch of rock golems. There’s no way they can beat them. But she can. Yes, I’m talking about our very OP Cayna, of course! She basically 2-shot kills them, first with Zamzer Blade, then Zan Ga Boa (thunderbolt?).

Caerina and her men are shocked. Cayna says they can take credit for defeating the monsters, as she doesn’t want more attention. Caerina suspects that Cayna is the strongest adventurer in the continent!

Cayna then takes her leave to continue on her mission to find the third Guardian Tower. But before that, she talks with Kee about the golems. One was really high level, which is odd. So Cayna assumes the golems were controlled by a human player. The human player is the bandits’ boss, and probably a mid-level player, assumed to be around level 430. That would be more powerful than even Skargo.

Next day, Cayna reaches Crescent-Moon Tower (Guardian Tower). And what a lucky coincidence, the bandits she wants to take out on the shore not far from the tower. She takes them all out easily with a Brown Dragon summons. 

Then Koirogue, the bandits’ demon boss, reveals himself to Cayna. He looks scary and tough. And he’s quite confident in his abilities. He’s wearing Overlord armor, which blocks magic effect. He’s level 432. And he indeed sent the rock golems to the garrison.

Cayna tells him he’s horrible. That this isn’t the game Leadale, this is real life. He doesn’t believe her. And he feels no regret for killing anyone, believing they’re all just NPCs. What’s weird to me is that Cayna isn’t too shocked to finally find another human player other than her in this world. You’d think she’d care more about forming a connection with this person to learn the mystery of getting stuck there. And possibly find a way back to her own world. But nope, doesn’t even cross her mind.

Cayna defeats Koirogue easily and shows him that real pain exists in this world. Meaning it’s not like the game. Koirogue’s no longer cocky, and literally starts crying. He begs for his life saying he’s a kid. But Cayna is still about to kill him anyway. 

Caerina stops her just in time, and asks Cayna to let them arrest the bandit boss to go to trial. Cayna agrees, and puts a Discipline Collar on him, reducing his level by 90%.  

Then, Cayna enters the Guardian Tower and restores the Guardian with MP. The Guardian is a silly arrogant female skeleton. Her human master was Opus, someone who actually helped Cayna level up back in the day. Opus actually gave the Guardian a book and the tower’s ring to give to Cayna. The book has a cute mute fairy in it.

Back in town, Caerina and Caerick thank Cayna for dealing with the bandits and give her a monetary reward.

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