In the Land of Leadale - Episode 5 Review - Cayna Meets Her Grandchildren

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 4, Cayna and the caravan make it to Helshpher. Cayna notices it’s a mix of Japanese and western architecture.

Elineh explains to Cayna that Sakaiya is the largest mercantile company in the continent. You can find anything you want there.

They get to Sakaiya. Cayna hands over the letter she was supposed to deliver to a young master of the company. He freaks out when reading it for some reason which we soon learn.

The young master meets them again, this time with Caerick. Caerick introduces himself humbly to Cayna, saying he is her grandson! He’s Mai-mai’s son, and as Mai-mai suspected, this revelation is a shocker to Cayna.

Caerick then puts his foot in his mouth and says his grandmother shouldn’t stay at some crappy inn, and should instead stay in their finest guest accommodations. But that makes Cayna mad. Caerick was just trying to be as polite and kind as possible, so I don’t know why this pisses off Cayna. How was he to know she loves simple inns?

It’s like Cayna really doesn’t give a shit about meeting her relatives she just realized existed. Pretty uncaring.

She then meets some Helspher knights. One is Caerick’s older sister - Caerina. She apologizes for her brother’s rudeness. They can speak telepathically to each other. Caerina says Mai-mai warned that Cayna beats up her relatives. This conversation pisses Cayna off again and she throws a massive snow boulder at them. Just proves what Mai-mai said is true.

Mai-mai learns about this telepathically from her children, and it depresses her. Skargo promises to apologize with her when Cayna comes back. They bonded through this.

Later at the Adventurer’s Guild, Cayna learns about a “Guardian’s Manse.” Probably the third Guardian Tower. She also meets a couple adventurers. One is a guy pretending to be a girl.

Back at Sakaiya, Cayna apologizes to Caerick for her behavior. But also has Caerick telepathically message Mai-mai that she’s going to beat her up when she gets back to Felskeilo.

Cayna asks Caerick for info on the Guardian’s Manse. He says it’s in bandit territory but of course that doesn’t worry her. Caerick plans for Cayna to worm her way through the knight garrison on the road there. Even Caerick’s son, the young master is weirded out by Cayna and Caerick’s diabolical side.

Cayna summons a Veldocancer (giant crab) to carry her and her carriage to the garrison quickly.

She gets to the garrison, where unexpectedly rock golems attack. Caerina and her men do their best to defeat them, but they’re no match for the golems. Finally, Cayna praises them for their hard work and steps in, promising she’ll take care of them.

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