In the Land of Leadale - Episode 4 Review - Cayna Escorts Elineh's Caravan

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 3, Cayna's three kids - Kartatz, Skargo, and Mai-mai - are all discussing how to help their mom. They’re worried because she created a Blocking Barrier around her, which is pretty much unbreakable unless you have god-tier power. One of the 24 transcendent beings to be specific. Wonder who all of those are…

Skargo chimes in not because he has an idea to help, but because he believes he figured out why he was punched by Cayna. He thinks it was his clothes. Mai-mai does not appreciate that irrelevant feedback, and starts using her magic to attack Skargo. Kartatz realizes that she’s going to do this before it happens, so he rushes out of the room to safety.

He ponders how he can help his mom, when he sees Cayna outside enjoying food! Problem solved itself! She apologizes for making them all worry, and says she was hit by a shocking experience. But then she realized there’s no point in worrying or getting sad.

She’s a bit irritated at Skargo’s personality. Apparently the roses manifesting are a real thing, an Extra Skill! Usually in anime that’s just a decoration for viewers, that characters in the anime can’t see.

Cayna thinks for a second that it would be good to destroy Skargo’s personality and install a new one. Kartatz scolds her right away for even considering that. Cayna realizes that he’s right and apologizes. She then muses that even though the players are all gone, she still has her in-game family.

Kartats and Cayna then go to Mai-mai and Skargo. She defuses their fight by exploding the  room with some potion. She apologizes to them for the barrier thing. But then chews them out for having a magical fight. Kartatz again wisely leaves before she punishes them.

Later, Elineh asks Cayna that she escort his convoy to Helshper. The two normal routes are blocked because of bandits. Cayna agrees. The trip will take a few days so Lonti, Mai-mai and Kartatz wish her off. Mai-mai gives her some mysterious letter to bring to someone named Caerick in Helshper.

The convoy’s first obstacle is crossing the Ejidd River. The bridge collapsed. So Cayna uses a spell that allows the whole caravan to walk on water, including horses and wagons! Unfortunately, one horse is eaten by a river monster. The caravan needs a replacement, so Cayna first summons Cerberus and Centaur Heigl. These monsters scare the caravan guards, and they also don’t want to work as workhorses pulling the carriage. 

So Cayna summons another creature to help - a giant baby crimson pig that she thinks is cute. She calls it Li’l P or P-chan.

Then a spirit warns of danger. Kee also warns something is up. A group of bandits ambushes the convoy. But Cayna’s summoned monsters kill the bandits easily. It’s the first time Cayna sees and participates in killing in this world, so she’s uncomfortable. It’s not like a game. 

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