In the Land of Leadale - Episode 3 Review - Cayna Learns a Sad Truth

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 2, this ep starts with Cayna having a hangover again. Starting to worry this is how all eps will start, or most of them.

A bunch of rumors have spread about Cayna because she walked on water in front of everyone to save Prin

She talks to the Flame Spears and Elineh to learn more about the other two Towers. But they don’t tell her anything concrete. Then Cayna swings by the Adventurers’ Guild and learns she has a summons to the Royal Academy, where Mai-mai works. 

At the Academy, she runs into Lonti, who is a student there. Lonti is again shocked to learn more about Cayna, specifically that she’s the mother of the Academy Director, Mai-mai. Mai-mai is the one who summoned Cayna.

It’s really cute and funny how Mai-mai gets lovey dovey about her mom when she shows up. Cayna has to discipline her. But I mean, it’s been 200 years, so I think Mai-mai is right to be very happy and affectionate.

Mai-mai actually called Cayna so that she could meet her husband, Lopus, the Academy’s alchemy instructor. Lopus and Cayna get along well teasing Mai-mai. Lopus saw the high potion that the student brought in, the one that Cayna gave away in the last ep. It’s actually an Artifact-class item, and he wants to learn more about it. 

He also springs a request for Cayna to teach his students how to make a high potion. She makes it very easily in a demo and blows everyone away with her amazing ability.

Next day she gets a quest to investigate a ghost at a colosseum. She goes there, and Prin tries to tail her secretly. But she knows he’s there.

Anyways, she prepares for the ghost by calling for the Eternal Flame sword and a cerberus. Cerberus goes on patrol and fetches Prin out of his hiding place. One of the dog heads has a really drooly personality, and drools down on Prin like a waterfall, it’s hilarious!

While eating, Prin pretty much reveals that he’s following Cayna because he wants to grow closer to Lonti, who he has a crush on.

Later on, Prin falls asleep and Cayna summons a blanket for him. Especially because he’s being drooled on by Cerberus the whole time. 

Then the “ghost” appears, and it activates her silver ring. Which means… the ghost is actually the Guardian of the second Tower! In a secret virtual space, the Guardian is able to talk to Cayna. Cayna gives her MP because she’s completely dry. That’s why she can only take a ghost form and barely do some haunting to the game world. 

The guardian was the servant of Skill Master No. 9, Kyotaro. Someone from Cayna’s old guild. Cayna is Skill Master No. 3. Now the guardian vows to follow Cayna, as it’s been 200 years and her master said goodbye. 

Cayna realizes Leadale’s service has ended, and her mind is stuck in the remnants of the service.

Cayna goes back to Leadale, but she’s super depressed. She stays in bed for days. 

Skargo learns from Agaido that Cayna is not leaving her room. So Skargo does a crazy run and barges into his mom’s room. Not the happy reunion he was hoping for. She gives him an uppercut that blows him through the roof. And Cayna puts a barrier around herself.  

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