In the Land of Leadale - Episode 2 Review - Cayna Reunites with Kartatz

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Warning: spoilers ahead,

Continuing from In the Land of Leadale - Episode 1, this ep begins with Lytt waking up Cayna again. But this time Cayna has a terrible hangover from drinking the night before. She vows never to drink again, but we all say that. And always break the vow.

They notice people yelling outside. A man part of a traveling merchant party has been critically wounded and poisoned. Everyone thinks he’s about to die. But our OP High Elf casts incredible magic to fix him up no problem. 

The merchant named Elineh wants to thank Cayna, so she asks for information about her son Skargo. Elineh and everyone around are surprised that she’s looking for someone he knows well, the Head Priest of Felskeilo, who is a living legend. And they’re even more shocked to learn that Cayna is his mother! Elineh lets her join their party heading for the capital, where Skargo resides.

Lytt is sad that Cayna is leaving. So Cayna gives her a hair pendant, and tells her her secret - that she’s the Silver Ring Witch of the Tower. It’s her promise that she’ll come back and visit Lytt from time to time, to make sure she hasn’t told the secret!

Cayna arrives at the capital. She’s amazed by all the sights of the big city. And stays at an inn that Elineh recommends. 

Cayna then heads to the church of Skargo to try to meet him. But one of the students/nuns there says she unfortunately can’t see him without an appointment.

So she’s about to head to the adventurer’s guild to become an official adventurer, when she stumbles upon her other son Kartatz! He’s a manager at a dock warehouse. It’s cute how he pets his head like a little boy. He gets really embarrassed by this! From Kartatz, Cayna learns that her daughter Mai-mai is also in the city, as director of a nearby academy. 

Cayna then continues with her task of registering at the adventurer’s guild. She picks up an easy job giving a potion. But her potion happens to be super high quality, much higher than is needed.

Right after, a knight-looking guy named Agaido and a mage girl named Lonti introduce themselves to Cayna. They ask for her help tracking someone down. She agrees. Agaido splits off to look by himself and Lonti sticks with Cayna. Apparently they’re looking for a red-haired boy.

They find the boy, who falls from a clothesline trying to save a cat. Luckily, Cayna is there to save them both with a floating spell. Apparently, he’s a prince, but Lonti wants to keep that secret. Anyways, he doesn’t want to go home so he runs away with his friends. But Cayna’s too powerful and catches him. 

Agaido pays Cayna for her work. We’ll see them again I’m sure.

Back at the inn, everyone wants to drink with Cayna to talk about the story catching the boy. So Cayna gives in and drinks!

Elsewhere, Mai-mai, Kartatz and Skargo meet, discussing the arrival of their mother.

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