In the Land of Leadale - Episode 11 Review - Cayna Makes Arrangements for Her New Home

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following In the Land of Leadale - Episode 10, the ep begins with shy little Luka trying on a new outfit. She’s still overwhelmed by all this kindness from Cayna. It’s never explained about where she came from/what happened to her parents/why she’s not traumatized from everyone she knows dying and turning into zombies… but we can just skip all that, I guess.

After Cayna introduces Luka to Felskeilo, she brings her to see Mai-mai and Lonti. Both are surprised Cayna has a new daughter, but Mai-mai welcomes her as her new little sister. Roxilius also introduces himself. And Lonti gets flustered because she finds him cute.

Cayna mentions she’s going to settle in a village away from Felskeilo. Then she visits Skargo, who’s silly as usual with all his effects. Last, she visits Kartatz. Kartatz welcomes his new little sister with a head pat, just as Cayna head-pats him! Cayna takes this opportunity to get plenty of lumber from Kartatz for her new house. She’s able to store it away easily in her player inventory.

Next up, Cayna visits Elineh and the Flame Spears. Also informing them where she’s settling. They’re a little disappointed that Cayna didn’t take up their offer to join the Flame Spears, because of course you’d want an OP member that could kill any monster. Anyways, Elineh recommends Cayna to go to his shop if she needs furnishing for her new home.

Cayna goes to the shop and meets a kobold woman named Armuna who is the manager. Cayna’s surprised to learn she’s Elineh’s wife. The shop they own is like Amazon.

As a surprise present, Elineh instructed Armuna to give Cayna the first item she wanted for free. And Cayna wanted the carriage from her escort trip. Lucky first item! 

Back at the inn, Rox offers to take care of Luka and the new home for Cayna. But Rox points out that Luka probably needs a female attendant as well, meaning Cayna has to summon Roxine, or as Cayna calls her, Cie. Cayna instructs her to watch over Luka.

Then Rox and Cie start arguing immediately. Cayna gives them a good bonk and lectures them not to fight. 

The next day, Cayna combines some artificial horse summons with her new carriage and basically makes a car. It takes them to the village.

Cayna explains to Marelle that she has a new daughter and they’ll be settling there. Lytt is happy to make friends with a new kid.

Cayna also checks up on Mimily, who has started a new laundry service for the villagers. 

Anyways, Marelle mentions that they have to make preparations for yet another party - the excuse this time is to welcome Cayna’s family living in the village! Meaning another night of drinking, which scares Cayna.

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