In the Land of Leadale - Episode 12 Review - Cayna Finally Settles Down in Her New Home

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following, In the Land of Leadale - Episode 11, we arrive at Ep 12, the season finale. It’s pretty anticlimactic, but the whole series seems to just be relaxed, wholesome fun, so I wasn’t really expecting anything too surprising, anyways.

It begins with Skargo, Mai-mai, and Kartatz having a meeting. Skargo foolishly wants to move to the area their mother is settling, but the others talk sense into him.

Cayna wakes up in her new village with a brand new hangover. Shocking. Luka brings her water to feel better. Roxine starts scolding Roxilius for not preventing Cayna from drinking too much the night before. Then Lytt comes in, saying her mom Marelle has good news downstairs.

The good news is that the villagers have decided to give Cayna the plot of land that the founders used to live on. The villagers feel they owe Cayna so much, so they’re happy to gift it.

Then Marelle and the villagers say they need yet another party again, to commemorate deciding where to build her home! Which means more drinking and more hangovers for Cayna. Oof.

This time Roxine was assigned to watch over Cayna as she drinks. The next time, we find out Roxine also failed to stop Cayna from having too much.

After this, Cayna summons an earth spirit and uses her OP player abilities to build a modern home instantly. Again, this isn’t surprising after everything we’ve seen Cayna do over the season.

Cayna and Luka tour the house as Rox and Cie check for imperfections. Of which there are none. Luka is amazed at the sight of her new room. Rox and Cie bicker yet again, and this time even Luka scolds them.

The villagers come to help with building the home, but find Cayna finished the job already. So instead, the villagers help with covering the house in flowers.

At night, Cayna joins Mimily in the public bath. Mimily actually feels happy with her new home, and tells Cayna she doesn’t need to look for her old home for now.

The next day, Cayna gives lessons to Lytt and Luka. Then they play, making flower crowns while Cayna drinks tea. She reminisces about all the nice people she’s met and adventures she’s had after arriving in the land of Leadale.

Then, Luka hands Cayna a flower crown. And finally calls her mother for the first time. It makes Cayna teary-eyed with joy.

Finally, in the end of the ep, Cayna keeps her promise to give Lytt a flight. She summons griffins and they fly high above the land. The End

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