“Police in a Pod” will receive the TV anime adaptation in 2022! The production studio is MADHOUSE and Wakayama Shion and Ishikawa Yui become female police officer tags

The police comedy “Police in a Pod”, in which Wakayama Shion and Ishikawa Yui will play police officer tags, will receive the TV anime adaption in 2022. The teaser visual and PV were revealed together with the announcement. The comments from the staff and casts have arrived as well.

The original work of “Police in a Pod” is the manga by Yasu Miko, which is currently serialized in Kodansha “Morning”. The series sale marked 2.3 million copies , and the TV drama adaptation has been started in July 2021. 

A new police officer Kawai Mai, who hopes to quit her job due to heavy work, and the former elite of the police department Fuji Seiko, who graduated from the police academy with the best grades, forms a tag and will perform job comedy that makes the audience laugh, surprise, and cry.

Together with the announcement o the n “Police in a Pod” TV anime adaption, the teaser visual and PV were released. The visual depicts Kawai Mai and Fuji Seiko bowing toward the viewers, and PV shows the encounter of those two. 

The illustration from the Yasu Miko and cast & staff comments have arrived.

TV anime “Police in a Pod” is scheduled in 2022. 

Anime Commemoration Illustration from the original author, Yasu Miko

Wakayama Shion/Kawai Mai

My name is Wakayama Shion, and I will be playing Kawai Mai this time. 

While it is a pleasure for me to play the favorite character of my favorite manga, I'm under big pressure. To deliver the charm of Kawai, who is reckless and slow, but sharp minds and senses, I will do my best so please look at an ordinary life at Machiyama Police Station. 

Ishikawa Yui/Fuji Seiko

This is the theme that picks up the police officers, who always work for the safety of us and our cities. I participated in the audition by thinking, “I can support them in some way”, because I have an experience of being helped by the police officers. 

Fuji, the role I play, is the former elite of the police department, and is called “Miss Perfect” ...but has a lot of points that should be corrected. 

I want to perform the daily life of police officers filled with honest comments with laughter and coolness. I want to make it appealing, together with Wakayama Shion (Kawai)! 

Director Satou Yuuzou

The live-action drama is already on air , and the anime adaptation “Police in a Pod” is finally will be released 

Please watch the anime. 

This is the diary of police officers at the special workplace of the police station, with a reckless, new police officer Kawai will be trained (?) and that is so cute (?). 

Even a police officer is an ordinary girl if she takes off her uniform, and I am certain that you will support Kawai, who experiences something unique even for police officers. 

Series Structure; Kingetsu Ryuunosuke

Never draws out something necessary, and don’t add anything unnecessary...

Please look for pure 100% “Police in a Pod”. 

I could see Yasu-sensei every week for the script meetings and even could listen background episodes... It was a wonderful experience for her manga fan! 

Character Design: Tsuchiya Kei

TV anime “Police in a Pod” is announced!

This story is full of human stories, from funny to dramatic stories.

To produce the anime that allows voice actors to perform properly, anime staff studio is cooperating entirely. 

Please look forward to “Police in a Pod”. 

■ “Police in a Pod”

●Broadcast Information

Scheduled in 2022


Original Author: Yasu Miko (Serialized on Kodansha “Morning”)

Director: Satou Yuuji

Series Structure: Kingetsu Ryuunosuke

Character Design: Tsuchiya Kei

Animation Production MADHOUSE


Kawai Mai: Wakayama Shion

Fuji Seiko: Ishikawa Yui

※Please check out the official website and Twitter account to receive special illustration by Yasu Miko on the colored papers with autographs and a name of your request to 5 applicants. 

© Yasu Miko, Kodansha/Police in a Pod Production Committee

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