Top 5 Charyeok in The God of High School (So Far)

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If you were like me this summer, you hopped on the wild rollercoaster ride that was The God of High School. And you’re not alone! The show ranked second in viewership results according to MyAnimeList. Because it was so popular, I thought it would be fun to list the top 5 most insanely powerful Charyeok seen in the anime thus far!

The word charyeok can be translated as “borrowing power from god.” In GOH, gods, demons and spirits have existed since ancient times. Humans like the main character Jin Mori sign a contract with these beings to use their strength, which manifests in different ways depending on the user’s imagination and personality. It can materialize as a weapon, a kind of armor, as a physical entity, and just about anything you can think of. This list goes over just a few of those amazing abilities.

#5 The Great Magician
While we don’t technically see the physical form of the Great Magician, Jeon Jae-San showcases one incredible technique after another that utilizes this Charyeok’s power. In order to stop Sang Man-duk, Jae-San uses Teleport to safely move the entire population of Seoul miles away. He then transforms hundreds of nuclear missiles into one massive bomb with several statue-like faces comprising its surface. That artistic mega bomb is then set off thanks to a meteor that Jae-San summons. Like we said, this show is WILD.

#4 Nine-Tails Guardian
This Charyeok is expertly used by Park Ilpyo and is a manifestation of the ancient Key awakening. It transforms the physical form of Ilpyo, giving him white hair, fox ears, eyes and flaming tails. In this form, Ilpyo could create and control fire, summon fire fox demons, and fight toe-to-toe with Jegal Taek’s Charyeok, Greed!

#3 Greed
Greed is a particularly disgusting-looking Charyeok that manifests like a symbiote grafting onto the user’s body. Jegal Taek’s left side was covered in Greed, a monstrous black skin with multiple eyes and sharp fangs. Greed can consume entire opponents whole, taking the power and Charyeok that the user wielded. Jegal did just that, and consumed Ilpyo as the Nine-Tails Guardian, turning Jegal into a winged god!

#2 God’s Blades
This Charyeok is controlled by Sang Man-duk. Unlike other Charyeok users, Sang isn’t just borrowing the power of god, he can straight up summon a god to do his bidding! Besides that, Sang is able to pull a million swords out of thin air, or a sword as large as a skyscraper. These swords can be wielded by winged creatures that he summons called nephilim.

#1 Hui Mo-Ri 
The Charyeok that stands victorious at the end of the anime is a bit mysterious, but it seems to take over Jin Mori’s body. With it, Jin Mori becomes the Monkey King god of Chinese mythology - an unstoppable staff-wielding powerhouse able to defeat the god form of Jegal Taek!

These were my top five picks for Charyeok so far in GOH. Which ones are yours?!

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