Cast Members Include Ishida Akira and Suwabe Junichi, and PV Have Been Unveiled! Anime “TRIBE NINE” Will Be Broadcast in January 2022

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A new multi-media project "TRIBE NINE" has annonunced that the TV anime will be broadcast from January 2022 and that a 3D action RPG for smartphones will be developed. Information about characters and cast, and PV have been unveiled.

"TRIBE NINE" is a new IP project, which was originally created by Too Kyo Games, a group of creaters led by Kodaka Kazutaka ("Danganronpa" series), and is produced by Akatsuki Inc. ("Cinderella Nine", "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle", etc.).

Set in fictitious 23 Wards of Tokyo, the story depicts "Tribes", outlaw groups that are based in each ward, battling against each other by using tactics called "Extreme Baseball (XB)".

Information about characters and cast members has partly been revealed.

The cast members include Ishida Akira as Kamiya Shun, Horie Shun as Shirokane Haru, Sawashiro Chiharu as Taiga, Fuchigami Mai as Arisugawa Saori, Tamura Mutsumi as Mita Santaro, Ochiai Fukushi as Daimon Manami, Chiba Shoya as Aoyama Kazuki, Naka Hiroshi as Otori Tenshin, Suwabe Junichi as Otori Ojiro, and Komatsu Mikako as Kamiki Yui.

Please visit the official website for more details about each character.

The anime "TRIBE NINE" will be broadcast from January 2022.

(C)Akatsuki Inc. / TRIBE NINE Production Committee

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