“Detective Conan” The collaboration event with “Escape Game” is revived! The “Project Zero” featuring Amuro Tooru is also revived!

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The latest work between the collaboration of the TV anime "Detective Conan" and the "Real Escape Game", called "Escape from the Blood Taskforce" will be held sequentially from August 12. To commemorate this release, a total of 5 previous works of "Real Escape Game X Detective Conan", including "Escape from Project Zero", will be available for a limited period.

"Real Escape Game" is a hands-on game/ event, where the participants can experience the story as if they are the "characters" in it by solving the puzzles. The collaboration event with "Detective Conan" was first started in 2013, and it had become a popular event with more than 1.3 million participants for the whole series.
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The 5 previous works of "Real Escape Game X Detective Conan" that are available are "Escape from the Orient Express" (where the participants defuse a bomb planted on the train), "Escape from the Magician Castle" (where the participants try to protect the treasure from being stolen by Kaito Kid), "Escape from the Black Assassin" (where the participants tried to stop the assassination plan of the Black Organization), "Escape from Project Zero" (where the participants are involved in the mysterious bombing accident with Amuro Tooru), and "Escape from the Cruising Museum" (where the participants try to find the location of the treasure as the accomplice of Kaito Kid).

For each of the events, the participants will unravel the truth by themselves and solve the puzzles while interacting with the various characters, including Conan, at the venue. Do enjoy the escape game with the extravagant performance of the original story that is filled with the world setting of "Detective Conan"

Also, the management of the "Real Escape Game" has taken proper measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, such as wearing masks, disinfecting, and temperature checking, as well as informing the customers on the precaution at each venue. Please do challenge the latest work "Escape from the Blood Taskforce" together with your favourite story from the previous "Detective Conan" works.

(C) Aoyama Gosho/ Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, TMS 1996

(C) Aoyama Gosho/ Shogakukan

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