Fall Anime “Muv-Luv Alternative” ― Un-Depicted Prequel “The Day Sadogashima Fell” Is Now Unveiled ―― Ep.1 Sneak Peek

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From the fall anime "Muv-Luv Alternative", the outline and sneak peek of episode 1 "The State of the World" (broadcast starting from Thursday, October 7, 2021) have been revealed.

The original work "Muv-Luv" is an adventure game released by an game brand "âge" in 2003. Combined with "Muv-Luv Alternative" released in 2006, it depicts one magnificent story and has been made into various media adaptations and spin-offs in other countries. 

Set in innumerable parallel worlds existing in the same time space, the story depicts the life and bond of mankind fighting against aliens called BETA for several decades with bipedal mecha called Tactical Surface Fighters.

Episode 1 "The State of the World" is an original prequel story to "Muv-Luv Alternative", which has never been told in the original game, comics or anime series. It has been announced that "The Day Sadogashima Base Fell" is depicted.

The story is set in Sado Base of the Empire of Japan on September 15, 1998. Komaki Sayoko, who arrived at her post at the Tactical Armor Regiment on Sadogashima Island, is guided around the base by her wingman Kusano. Seeing the life of people on the island, she deplores that the nation is not providing the right path to the people. Meanwhile, BETA in crowds are approaching Sadogashima Island...

"The State of the World", episode 1 of "Muv-Luv Alternative", is broadcast on Fuji TV and other channels from October 7. The archived streaming will be available every week for free on "FOD", "TVer", and "GYAO" until one week after the broadcast .

Fuji TV | Every Thursday at 0:55 AM, Starting on October 7, 2021

*Episode 1 will be from 1:25 AM – 1:55 AM.

Kansai TV | Every Friday at 1:55 AM, Starting on October 8, 2021

Tokai TV | Every Sunday at 1:45 AM, Starting on October 10, 2021

TV Nishinippon | Every Thursday at 1:55 AM, Starting on October 7, 2021

*Episode 1 will be from 2:25 AM – 2:55 AM.

Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting | Every Monday at 1:10 AM, Starting on October 11, 2021

*Episode 1 will be from 1:40 AM – 2:10 AM.

BS Fuji | Every Thursday at 12:00 AM, Starting on October 14, 2021

Exclusive Streaming on FOD

Starts on Thursday October 7 at 1:25 AM

New Episode on Every Thursday at 0:55 AM


Shirogane Takeru: Kamiki Koichi

Kagami Sumika: Kusunoki Tomori

Mitsurugi Meiya: Nanami Karin

Sakaki Chizuru: Ito Miku

Ayamine Kei: Saeki Iori

Tamase Miki: Tanaka Takako

Yoroi Mikoto: Lynn

Kozuki Yuko: Aoki Ruriko

Jinguji Marimo: Watabe Sayumi

Yashiro Kasumi: Takao Kanon

Paul Radhabinod: Wakamoto Norio


Original Creator: Yoshimune Koki (âge) / aNCHOR

Director: Nishimoto Yukio

Series Composition: Urahata Tatsuhiko

Character Design: Tani Takuya

Sub-Character Design: Tsunaki Aki

Prop Design: Hoshino Koichi

Animation Mecha Director: Taiga Hiroyuki

Color Design: Uchibayashi Hiromi

Art Director: Naito Ken

Art Setting: Ohira Tsukasa

Director of Photography: Ogiwara Takeo

CG Director: Oya Kazuya

Editing: Tan Ayako

Music: Evan Call

Sound Director: Motoyama Satoshi

Animation Production: FLAGSHIP LINE, Yumeta Company, Graphinica

(C)aNCHOR / Alternative The Third Project

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