“Getter Robo Ark” New Getter team is formed with Takuma, Baku, and Kamui! A sneak peek for episode 2

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From the TV anime “Getter Robo Ark”, the summary and the sneak peek for the episode 2 titled “Children of Fate” (scheduled on Sunday, July 11) have been released.

“Getter Robo Ark” is the animation for the final chapter of “Getter Robo Saga”, which is the battles of 3 young boys with bodies as strong as steel and great passion and their robots fighting against the enemies attacking both the Earth and humans.

Under the direction by Kawagoe Jun, who also directed “Shin Getter Robo Versus Neo Getter Robo” and “New Getter Robo”, Bee Media (produced OVA “Getter Robo”) and studioA-CAT (known for “LBX Girls”) will be in charge of anime production.

The title for episode 2 is “Children of Fate”.

Takuma meets Shin Hayato at Saotome Laboratory. Hayato tells Takuma and Baku to ride on Ark together with Kamui. Although they could not find the clue for the murderer of Takuma’s mother, but the fate begins to progress. Takuma and Kamui quickly get close after understanding each other through fights. A new Getter Robo team is now complete.

At the same time, the group of enemies arrived above the Saotome Laboratory with the time travel point. D2 team goes out, but Takuma has never completed the combination of the robot, therefore had to stay inside the laboratory to see what is going on outside the building.

“Getter Robo Ark” episode 2 “Children of Fate” was broadcast from Sunday, July 11, 2021 on AT-X, TOKYO MX, and other channels.

© Nagai Gou, Ishikawa Ken/Dynamic Project, Shin Saotome Research Team

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