Kurosawa Tomoyo and Serizawa Yu will be performing! The first chapter of the anime “Kurayukaba,” which received 15 million yen in crowdfunding support, is complete!

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“Kurayukaba, the crowdfunded anime that pulled in 15,700,364 yen, announced the completion of its prologue, releasing cutscene shots. In addition, Kurosawa Tomoyo and Serizawa Yu were announced to be part of the voicing cast.

Written by Tsukahara Shigeyoshi, known for the anime titles “HASHI no MUKOU”, and “Oshie to Tabi Suru Otoko”, and the band SEKAI NO OWARI’s live performance footage films; "Kurayukaba” is a feature length anime that raised a total of 15,700,364 yen throughout two crowdfunding campaigns run in 2018 and 2020.

The steam punk anime follows the adventures of the shabby detective, Shotaro.

Along with the new cutscene images, two new casting names came up: Kurosawa Tomoyo as Tanne, and Serizawa Yu as Saki. The duo also commented on their roles.

Furthermore, the prologue of “Kurayukaba” and other films from Tsukahara will be screened at Cine Libra Ikebukuro from August 13 to 26, 2021. The event is titled “Kurayukaba Prologue / Records from Iyasakado ~Tsukahara Shigeyoshi’s Works Special Screening~“.

Kurosawa Tomoyo (Tanne)

I voice the character Tanne.

When I went to the audition I had the opportunity to watch Tsukahara’s previous films and I was captivated by them.

He was very polite and patient during the recording sessions, so because of that I think we had a good time working together even during the most challenging parts.

There’s still a lot I don’t know about Tanne, but I did my best performing the character.

I hope everyone will look forward to seeing the movie.

Serizawa Yu (Saki)

I am very honored to be able to participate in the first feature length anime by the director Tsukahara!!

Amongst the characters from Tsukahara’s films, Saki is the one that most embodies the director’s essence. It is the first time for me playing such a character.

She is awfully lovely.

Best regards!

(C) Tsukahara Shigeyoshi / Twin Engine

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