“Love of Kill” TV anime will be broadcast in 2022! The visual of “Hitman x Hitman” back-to-back was released

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t has been announced that the TV anime "Love of Kill" will be broadcast in 2022. At the same time, the anime visual has been released for the first time, and the character setting picture is also unveiled. In addition, the main staff, including director Ohba Hideaki, was announced, and comments from the staff have arrived.

"Love of Kill" is a wonky suspense manga of "Hitman x Hitman" about the worst-matched hitmen drawn by Fe and serialized in "Monthly Comic Gene". In the anime visual released this time, two hitmen, a cool rookie bounty hunter, Chateau, and an unidentified and mysterious killer, Ryang-ha, are depicted pointing their guns back to back.

In addition, the TV anime, which will be broadcast in 2022, will be produced by Platinum Vision, known for "Gensomaden Saiyuki" and "Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life", "Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist". In addition to director Ohba Hideaki, the main staff including series composition and screenplay Hisao Ayumu, and character design Sato Yoko were also announced, and comments from them were also received.

Moreover, the official website and official Twitter account have been established. To commemorate this, a gift campaign in which one person will receive a limited-edition teaser visual specification original book card worth 1,000 yen for five consecutive weeks is being held. It will be a super valuable design with only 5 pieces in the world, so if you are a fan , please try applying every week.

The TV anime "Love of Kill" will be aired in 2022. The August 2021 issue of "Monthly Comic Gene" with the original manga on the cover also features the latest information on anime, so be sure to check it out.

[Director Ohba Hideaki]

This work is "no monologue, only a few lines".

This is a very high hurdle for anime, but that's what makes this work so appealing.

We will do our best so that you can immerse yourself in the fascinating noir world by making full use of movement, voice, music, sound effects, and anime weapons.

[Series composition / Screenplay Hisao Ayumu]

I paid close attention to express the charm of the original by Fe-sensei in anime.

I hope that as many people will see the fate and "love of killing" between two people Chateau and Ryang-ha in the anime.

[Character Design Sato Yoko]

I read it all at once, a bold story which is contrasting to the title.

In this work, instead of expressing one's feelings and thoughts with lines, they are expressed with facial expressions and actions. I hope I can capture that expression in the anime without missing it.

I hope you will enjoy the various "forms of love".

(C) 2022 Fe / KADOKAWA / Love of Kill Production Committee

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