Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 14 Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Mushoku Tensei Episode 13, this ep starts with Rudeus is living in a tree. It made me forget what happened at the end of the Ep 13. Then I remembered - he was taken by the beastkin! And it’s revealed that he’s now there prisoner in their village.

The beast people don’t listen to Rudy at all when he claims he’s innocent of the kidnappings. They also think Rudeus is some kind of deviant for touching the sacred dog the wrong way.

Rudeus doesn’t sweat this too much. He believes Eris and Ruijerd will come to his rescue shortly. But a number of days pass. And the’re no sign of Eris or Ruijerd coming. He starts to worry something’s happened to them.

A new prisoner named Geese joins Rudeus’ cell. Rudeus humorously announces that he’s the senpai and the big boss, as this guy is just a newbie to the cell. And Geese actually follows along. Apparently he was thrown in the cell for cheating at dice.

Rudeus tries to butter up Geese. He wants Geese’s help to break out of the cell. But Geese isn’t convinced that’s a good idea. In the end, it doesn’t matter. As the village is attacked by those smuggling bastards! They take beast kids again and set and even kill some of the villagers. They also set fire to the whole village.

Rudeus contemplates using the chaos as a diversion to escape. But he can’t stand see the beast people suffering like this. So he fights the smugglers, and Geese follows his lead.

First things first. Rudeus using his magic to summon rain, putting out all of the fire.

The smugglers set their sights on Rudeus. They hope to take out a troublesome mage in their way. But badass beast guy arrives just in the nick of time. This is the same guy who arrested Rudeus and locked him up in the tree cell. His name is Gyes.

Finally, Gyes realizes Rudeus is not the enemy. And the two work together to kill these smuggler bastards. But the Gyes is quickly struck down by Gallus Cleaner. He’s the real scumbag. Gallus used Rudeus and Ruijerd as bait for the beast warriors like Gyes.

And now Gallus is about to take off with abductees again. He’s a formidable North Saint and good with a sword.

Rudeus almost lets Gallus get away. But the sacred dog comes in out of nowhere to even the odds and wake Rudeus up to the heroic path. So it’s Rudeus, the sacred dog, and Geese all against Gallus.

It’s a tough fight. Rudeus uses his foresight ability and still has trouble. But eventually Rudeus’ party wins and blasts the jerk Gallus with some powerful magic.

Rudeus is wounded as passes out. He wakes up, and as you would expect, is pardoned by the beast people. They thank him. Eris and Ruijerd reunite with him too.

But unfortunately, Eris’ grandfather Sauros is executed in the end of the ep.

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